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Posted on: Feb 04, 2019

Public transport ticket types in Amsterdam


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If you haven’t travelled or lived in Europe before, issuing a ticket or a card for the public transportation in Amsterdam, sometimes feels like trying to solve the Rubik’s cube in 10 seconds!

Things though are very simple.

Below, you will find all the steps so you can issue a ticket from the machines located in all the central stations.

Ticket with the train


Firstly, you choose English as language.
You can see the language option at the bottom of the screen.


Then, you have to choose whether you want a Single (one way) ticket which is only to go from one station to another or if you want to get back, then you can choose a Day Return (return) ticket.

After you’re done with the ticket option, a new screen will pop up, asking you to choose your destination.

By just typing the first two letters, it will show you all the possible destinations.


You can always choose to sit at A class, which is more comfortable especially during peak hours. If you want to save up some money, then you can choose B class just in half price!

Afterwards, you’ll be asked when you’ll use the ticket since you can purchase a ticket in advance and use it any day you want. If you want to use it the day you purchased it, then choose the option “Valid for today”.


Finally, you have to choose the number of the tickets you want.

You can pay the tickets using your bank card (only NL banks). That’s the PIN option. If you don’t have a bank card from a Dutch bank, then you should skip this.

There are only few machines that accept cash too but you can always pay with your debit or credit card, VISA & MASTERCARD.
Depending on your card, you’ll find the proper option on the screen so you can proceed.


If you choose to pay by card, be aware that there is a machine with a card slot at your right.


Metro and tram tickets

On the metro and tram, you can buy a ticket for one hour, 24 hours (one day), 72 hours (3 days), 96 hours (4 days), Night Bus and finally 1 hour + bike.
By estimating the time you’ll need to go back and forth to your destination, you can choose the appropriate ticket. At many occasions, it’s better to buy a 24 hours (one day) ticket rather than 3 tickets of 1 hour each.

Here are some easy steps.


First, you have to choose the type of ticket you want.


Then you can choose the number of tickets and the payment method.


Follow the same instructions for the payment, same as the train tickets mentioned above.


You can also buy cards from inside the tram. Just ask the driver or the conductor.

Anonymous OV-Chipkaart


Inside the central stations, there are big yellow machines from which you can purchase the OV-Chipkaart anonymous card.

The price of the card is at 7,5 euros. After purchasing the card, you need to put money on it in order to use it. That can be done from the same machines you purchased the card and you can choose either your bank account or cash.

It is much more economical than the tickets by the hour. The money you earn are enough.

If you want to travel by train, you should charge your card with more than 20 euros.

Personalized OV-Chipkaart


As you can imagine, the same things apply as the anonymous card. However, if you purchase a personalized card, you can link it directly with your bank account and automatically obtain money from your account. A personalized card is suitable and good for your wallet if you travel a lot by train because you always need to have over 20 euros on the card.

Occasionally, OV-Chipkaart announces very interesting offers and packages in their website. Since the public transportation in Netherlands considers being expensive, it’d be for your best interest to visit their webpage and check for any updates.

Useful tips & links

Keep always in mind to check in and check out when you leave the bus, the tram, or the station. If you forget to check out, the machine can’t identify the station you took off and you will end up with a 4 euros fine if you’re using the tram or an even bigger fine if you’re using the train.


Visit the official websites of Amsterdam's Public transporation and download apps that will make your life easier, ov-chipkaart, NS., 9292

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