Posted on: Mar 03, 2013

Living in the Netherlands. Find out how your smartphone can make your life easier!

Mike Klianis

Whether you like it or not, using your phone for more than just calling people has become a way of life. With cheap internet packages available to almost all mobile phone carriers anyone can have Internet on their phone and if you happen to have IOS or Android on your phone then your life in the Netherlands just got easier!

Lost? Can't find an address? Never again!

Most smart phones today already include a GPS option but even if you don't already have a GPS app you can always install the Google maps app. The great benefits about Google maps in the Netherlands is that most of the country has been mapped already by Google’s street view and that you can also see how to get around with public transportation as well!

Lets get connected! For free.

Skype is available on both IOS and Android phones already and chatting on the go or even making voice and video calls is easier than ever. Connect to a wifi and chat away for hours or give a call to somebody while moving around in the city.

Not a fan of Skype? Whatsapp and Viber are two other options you could try out. The nice thing about Viber is that it finds your contacts that already have viber installed.

And lets not forget the Facebook messenger app.

Never miss a train again.

Getting around by car in the Netherlands can turn out to be highly impractical and quite costly, so most people make use of their bikes and the excellent transportation system provided. So why not have a instant schedule and travel planner with you?

With the NS Reisplanner app you can see information about all stations, ticket costs and of course train schedules. Its available for free for both IOS and Android phones.

Another option though and useful as well is the 9292 app that has schedules and stops for any means of transportation in the netherlands. Busses, metro, trains and ferries all wrapped up neatly in a nice little app. Also available for both IOS and Android phones.

Online banking and shopping.

Most banks in the Netherlands already have apps and using them on the road several times can be life saving. The other benefits are that you have more time for yourselves and full control of your account in your hands.

As for shopping paypal already has an app online. Shopping online can be a real time saver and money saver. Be careful though, shop only from sites that deliver in the Netherlands and are trustworthy.

Got things coming through the mail? is already has a tracking system on their website. By creating an account and adding your information either on their website or on their Mijnpakket app you can always get notification and updates on the status of any package that is registered in your name and address! You can even schedule the delivery time and location.

Feeling bored on the go? Can't stand the boring train rides any more.

For the social ones Facebook and Twitter will be a great time killer and talking with friends is always fan. Don't forget that you can always also listen to music from a radio station or even read a book with an eBook app.

Your smartphone is no longer just a phone. Its a tool. But don't forget to switch it off from time to time and just relax :)

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