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Greek foodtales flavours of Greece at your doorstep


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“Greek foodtales” was created based on the need to promote the Greek food culture known for its richness in quality, taste and nutritional value. Cooking is an integral part of our Greek mentality, lifestyle and culture and as people say "we are what we eat”.

Greek foodtales’ goal is to explore and present this unique gastronomic treasure with a fresh and innovative approach. Their "tales" begin with the meticulous selection of high quality products of all kinds that will be more than just ingredients. They will be your guides when following recipes into the world of the Mediterranean diet.


What is the story behind the team?

Everyone: “Greek foodtales” was created based on the need we feel to promote the nutritional wealth of the Greek food culture outside our country! We believe that the quality, taste and nutritional value of our gastronomic mentality, which is also an integral part of our culture, are all part of a unique treasure we have inherited and we would like, at the very least, to pass it on. It is also our wish to contribute what we can towards the evolution of this gastronomic treasure. So our goal is to promote all the above in a fresh, different and more “story-like” way!! It is true that tales awaken lovely childhood memories. We do not consider food a necessity, but rather enjoyment and even, if you like, a “tale” for adults!!

Thodoris Matakiadis (TM): We are a team so it is not important to talk about ourselves as individuals. Teamwork and the fact that each of us brings something different to the team are what made this endeavor successful. For the record, Giorgos is the creator and visionary of this endeavor. He set up “Morning Tales” in 2013 in Wageningen. After some time and many discussions we all, meaning Giorgos, Nikos, Christos and myself, created “greek foodtales”. After a while, unfortunately, Christos had to leave the team for personal reasons.

Giorgos Mitrakas (GM): At this point, I would like to go back briefly in time. “Greek foodtales” existed in my mind as an idea for many years although not in the form we have given it today and continue giving, as it is an ongoing effort. So I managed to set up Morning Tales on my own. It is hard for me to actually say it, but I think that endeavor has come to an end. It remains in Wageningen with all its positive and negative aspects. It was for me an amazing experience, including the many mistakes that were made but turned out to be great lessons. This is when I decided to create a team because, to tell the truth, it is difficult to move forward alone, especially when aiming to create something good. Christos, Thodoris and Nikos were the first people who came to mind and so we started the new “greek foodtales” as a team. I use the word new because each member of the team built on my original idea in his own special way. And so here we are a year later.

Nikos Alexandrakis (ΝΑ): I agree with everything previously said and each of us will go on to explain exactly what we do, revealing our unique personalities. (Laughter)


What products can be found on Greek foodtales?

ΝΑ: This is a question I am asked very often and I don’t know what to say…You can find anything you like from marmalade and sauces to feta and kasseri cheese…

TM: ...Olive oil, olives, tzatziki, typical Greek food items, pasta... and even guilty Greek pleasure like iced coffee (frappe)... don’t write that down!!! (Laughter)

GM: I won’t start mentioning products one by one… If I do this it is unfair to many, and I will also feel bad about all the products we didn’t include in our range with a heavy heart. I am hoping this is only a temporary situation! I recommend people explore our site… it is not only about the products… there are also tales and recipes to enjoy. For example I cannot say that we are simply selling a piece of buffalo kavourmas when we are actually selling the gusto and enthusiasm of Billy and Eleni from the beautiful lake Kerkini.


What did you base the choice of products on?

GM: Our criteria are “sacred” and remain unchanged since the beginning. Possibly it is the only thing we will never change.

Quality: It is everywhere…in the raw materials, the production process, and the end product and of course in the producer himself.

Price: At this point I would like to say that there is not so much a “price”, as there is a relationship between quality and price (value for money). This is what we would like to point out to our buyers. Yes, you will definitely find many cheaper products. I would like to think though, that you will not find the quality we offer at a better price. And you should take into account that quality does not only apply to the product itself…it also applies to us, our site, the people we work with, to the recipes, the tales and to our delivery time.

TΜ: And I will continue with my favorite part:

Authenticity: Authenticity means remaining faithful to tradition with a few slight but necessary doses of modernization or it can even mean innovative products based on tradition while at the same they are something new. The producer is always dedicated and believes in what he does.

ΝΑ: And this is where I will go on to share my favorite part with you…being a producer myself I finally get the opportunity to talk about me… but others as well. (Laughter)

The Producers: We make a point of choosing products from small producers who love what they do. Though since we are talking about food items, they must also meet all the required food quality/safety standards, which is what George and I also check when we visit the production units.

Apart from the online shop, are your products available in The Netherlands on-site?

TΜ: As a company we are also involved in wholesale so you can find our products in various delis in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and in some smaller areas too. We also supply a few restaurants and a hotel kitchen with some of our products.

GΜ: And of course we organize some guest appearances in some markets. “Like” our Facebook page and find out about all our events when we visit a market.


What makes “Greek foodtales” stand out?

ΝΑ: The quality and range of our products combined with a “value for money” concept and our Customer Service ! The latter is something we have put great effort into and we have already been praised by our customers for it. We also try to make sure that all products are unique with a special story behind them that we would like to present and we always choose to work closely with each producer. Generally, we make a point of featuring the producers and the great effort they make and we are, or at least we hope to be, their extension in the Dutch market.

Finally, we regularly post traditional/modern recipes and recommendations on how to use the products. This is where I would like to say that we finally realized what Giorgos is good at and so we kept him on the team!!!! (Laughter)

GΜ: (laughing)… I wonder what will happen when I run out of ideas… I have to start writing my CV…

TΜ: I can help you help you with that gladly!!


Is it possible for another business to buy wholesale on your site or in some other way?

ΝΑ: At the moment whoever wishes to purchase wholesale can contact us by e-mail! It is something we are working on and would like to develop further. Soon this will also be feasible on the site we are building for wholesale.

TΜ: End of September… right Nikos?

ΝΑ: Yes… I guess… (Laughter)

What else can we find on apart from Greek products?

GΜ: But of course our foodtales! Tales about products, habits, traditions and regions in Greece with a mixture of reality and fantasy, as in every beautiful tale. You will also find traditional and retouched recipes full of Greek aromas. We are generally trying to promote the Greek food culture as a whole… not only the products.

Soon, the applications for our cooking workshops will be available. This is where we will present our tales and products more dynamically. Along with that, we will offer catering services.

ΝΑ: Yes… By the end of September. Not the catering services. They are in place already. By the end of September they will have been posted on the site as part of our new additions.

What can we expect in the future?

ΝΑ: In the next year you will surely see new products that are now missing from our range and from The Netherlands, new services and ways of purchasing… We will further develop our market in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany, where we are already present.

GΜ: Possibly a big surprise…

TΜ: To say the usual… we are all full of energy and ideas and we are willing to work hard but a day can only give us 24 hours… The only thing I can say for sure is that you won’t get bored with us because our goal is to make your life a “tasty tale”.

This September "greek foodtales" celebrates its first year with a cooking contest that has prizes for everyone. Click here

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