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Posted on: May 25, 2013

Student landed in the Netherlands, time to make some friends

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Landing in the Netherlands and starting your life here as an international student, can be a bit scary in the beginning. You have to think about where you are going to stay, how will you get to your courses and all sorts of these kind of thoughts. But how long should you wait until you start making some new friends, and maybe even get some great tips along the way.

Just arrived!

If you come to the Netherlands 1 or 2 weeks before the courses start, then you have the opportunity to get around and meet some people. If you arranged to live in a student housing, then you are a lucky fellow, as all of the tenants there are in the same situation as you: they want to meet people in order to hang out and have some fun.

So, start walking those halls or just go use the common room with washing machines in the building. That is the perfect place to meet people, as there is always someone there "stealing" the washing machine or the dryer from you. But remember, stay calm and DO NOT hit anybody! You need to make some friends, right?

If you are here before the courses begin, don't get lonely. All the universities throughout the country organize introduction days, usually a week before the beginning of the classes. You should definitely attend as much events as you can, during those days! That is the perfect way to meet new people and also have some fun before the courses and all the studying comes up.

And a final tip: Always go to the international events, organized by the student associations, like ISN and last but not least, if you need to meet people go to the university and attend your classes. Almost all your fellow students are new there and they also need to meet people and get around. If not, then ok... just go to your classes... That's why you are here anyways.

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