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Posted on: May 10, 2013

DUWO: find your student house or room!

Mike Klianis

DUWO is the longest-standing and largest student housing corporation in the Netherlands. It is an independent public welfare company, with more than 50 years of experience in the construction and management of student accommodation. DUWO also plays an important role in the provision of accommodation for international students.

The organization

DUWO consists of a central group and three branches: in Delft, Amsterdam, The Hague/Leiden and it is a trusted partner of several educational institutions and local authorities in those regions. The branches are responsible for carrying out the primary process, involving all matters concerning rental, management and maintenance. Find out more about DUWO's links to educational institutions and collaborations here.

Also, in order to improve the synergy between the education and housing sectors, in 2005 DUWO established the Student Housing Advisory Council. The Advisory Council offers the educational institutions that are most significant to DUWO a voice in DUWO policy. Student unions are also involved in discussions. The Advisory Council advises DUWO regarding the current state of affairs on a biannual basis.

How can DUWO help you

DUWO is committed to helping students in all aspects of finding the accommodation they require and desire. DUWO’s primary function is to provide students with accommodation. However, student life consists of far more than just living and DUWO is dedicated to developing a number of supplementary products that can make the student life even more enjoyable.

DUWO was one of the first corporations to realise an internet connection for its student residents and to launch a website. Nowadays, most large student complexes have their own website and residents have access to a package that provides internet, TV and telephone connections. Other products offered by DUWO include lending out tools, energy-saving measures and the sale of bikes. On large campuses, DUWO also makes space available for student cafés or pubs or for use by student clubs.

Online registration

If you wish to easily find your student house and also receive all the necessary help concerning relevant issues, visit and register to the organization. The registration fee is € 36,50, which is valid for 8 years.

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