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Posted on: Apr 26, 2013

Leiden, a small university city in the Netherlands

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The Dutch city of Leiden is a picturesque community located in the tulip-growing district in the Netherlands. Home to the oldest and one of the best universities in the country, Leiden is a city full of students and a lot of things to do or places to explore.

The city

Leiden is a small city in the Northern Netherlands and it is only 10-15 minutes away from The Hague and around 35 minutes from Amsterdam. Leiden has been called the most beautiful city in the Netherlands. That is not too surprising, considering how much of the rich city history is still visible everywhere in the charming city centre.

Getting around

Everything is easily reached on foot and the city is positively charming as a walking pleasure. You can walk alongside the canals and discover the beauties of the city. One of the most interesting things in the city of Leiden is the Wall Poems - 101 poems in many different languages are painted on the exterior walls of buildings.

The city has also a variety of museums for all the tastes and group ages. If you love museum tours, you should definitely discover the museums of Leiden. Also, in the center of the city there is the Burcht castle and the view from there is spectacular. You can actually see the whole city from one spot!

Having fun!

Places to relax and enjoy the sun (when available)

Leiden is the perfect place to drink your coffee and relax. The floating cafes all over the central canal of the city is the perfect place to have a cup of warm coffee or a glass of beer. If you are lucky, you will also have the chance to enjoy the sun! However, for the sunny days, the perfect place to be is the Platsoen park, which is located on the Zoeterwoudsesingel. It is the perfect place for hiking and enjoying all the historical beauty that Leiden has to offer. Of course, you can just lie down and enjoy the good weather and the sun.


Besides the fact that Leiden is a city full of students, it is surely not characterized by its extreme nightlife. The best places for a student to have fun are Odessa and Einstein, because of the several parties or events organized there throughout the year, like the Wednesday international nights in Einstein.If you don't care about parties or craziness, you can find numerous bars throughout the city to have a drink and hang out with your friends.


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