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Posted on: Mar 18, 2013

Greek students have tripled in The Netherlands in the past six years

Mike Klianis

According to the Greek newspaper Ethnos, Greek students studying in the Netherlands have tripled in number in the past 6 years.

Value for money education attracts Greek students

With low cost studies, compared to other European universities and more than 1500 English courses, the Netherlands is an attractive option for Greek students. The average cost for undergraduate and graduate courses is approximately 1800 euros per year and the living costs depend on location, if you choose to stay in a free market house or the universities dorm.

Greek students are now the third largest group of students in the Netherlands after the Germans and the Chinese. In 2006 the total number of Greek students was approximately 450 and over 2011 - 2012 the number more than tripled to 1500, without including PhD students, exchange students and students with dual citizenship.

Requirements for studying in the Netherlands

Each university has its own acceptance guidelines and requirements but the usual compulsory requirements are a degree from Lyceum (for Greek students) and a degree in English. For more information students who are interested should visit the universities webpage. Courses start every September and you can send applications during March till May.

Planning to study or already studying in the Netherlands?

If you are planning an academic life or already are in Dutch academia then you should check out the Hellenic Student Society of Netherlands (HSSN). In their website and their Facebook page you can find quite a lot of information about moving to the netherlands, studying here and even working here.

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Photos by Maria Keays, PhillipC, inyucho

Mike Klianis