In The Netherlands
Posted on: Apr 29, 2022

Wild Sage Foods a minimal waste organic food store & deli by Niko and Mitchell in the heart of Amsterdam


The Wild Story

Wild Sage Foods believes that real connections start with food at your table. Our mission is to help form stronger and healthier communities by serving and inspiring cooks* to create those special table moments.

*if you have a kitchen, you’re a cook

Wild Sage Foods is a new stunning minimal waste store with vegan-friendly products, based in De Pijp, in Amsterdam.

Behind Wild Sage Foods are Nikos and Mitchell, who met in Amsterdam while working for a multinational corporation and developed a friendship that centered around food. Coming from cultures with rich culinary traditions (Greece and America/Portugal), there was so much to share and explore together.

Wild Sage Foods is created because they believe that cooking and sharing food with others forms stronger human connections and promotes healthier eating habits. This doesn’t have to be complicated or sophisticated. It starts at the table moments that weave the fabric of culture either by families sitting around the Sunday table or asking a friend to pull up a chair.

Their belief was influenced by their cultures, where food is a means to show love and gratitude. And a link to the customs and traditions that shape those cultures.

Living in Amsterdam, like many of us, they faced difficulties finding high-quality ingredients in a convenient and sustainable way to recreate the enriched table moments. Urban life makes it so easy to disconnect from the process of cooking and the sources of food ingredients.


They created a place that brings together healthy, natural ingredients, local producers, and like-minded people to inspire and create these table moments while focusing also on sustainable shopping.

At this beautiful Amsterdam-based store, you will find a wide variety of organic food ingredients and products, meet local producers, urban farmers, and experts during a workshop, or just enjoy homemade and delicious food from the seasonal menu and locally roasted premium Rum Baba coffee and a great assortment of tea all around the world.

Vegan Workshops & Events

Do you want to know more about vegan cooking, urban farming, or how to live a zero-waste lifestyle?
Are you interested in meeting local producers, enjoying a kombucha and cheese pairing class, or trying new products and flavors?

Then check out the workshops and events schedule. Wild Sage Foods hosts workshops with many local producers, urban farmers, and experts on topics impacting our personal health and community.


Zero waste shopping and sustainability

If you don’t know what these words mean, then you should look at them immediately because this is what will make a real impact on the future of the planet.

Wild Sage Foods is not just a shop, a source of inspiration for those of us trying to make this world a better place. They are helping us reduce plastic, connect with the community, and respect the environment.


You don’t have to be a vegan to go and shop from this amazing shop. You can find delicious healthy sandwiches, salads, and cakes, vegan sweets that you will adore, and refreshing drinks. They have a big collection of herbs and tea, organic nuts, seeds, superfoods, grains for your breakfast, freshly baked handmade granola, honey from Crete, and olive oil bulk and bottled from family farms from Crete and Peloponissos.

But the most important, you will find smiles, a deep knowledge of everything they sell and how to use them, and only the best quality products by local and Greek producers, and flavors and tastes from all over the world.


You can shop by their webstore or go by the store whether you want to catch up on your email or meet with a friend, at a very cozy spot, to relax while enjoying a bite or coffee in our good vibes living room or at the connection table. Free wifi, nice tunes, and a selection of books to learn more about food!


Find Wild Sage Foods store at Ceintuurbaan 228H in the Pijp in Amsterdam, follow them on Instagram: @Wildsagefoods and Facebook: @Wildsagefoods.

Stay tuned for more events and interesting workshops.