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Posted on: Dec 06, 2019

Sofia Karfi and her online language school Language and Motivation are here to teach you dutch and other languages quickly and efficiently

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Sofia Karfi, based in the Netherlands, together with a strong team of teachers and a unique teaching method, came to teach us foreign languages quickly and efficiently. Only good reviews will read about Sofia, which offers you the opportunity to learn one of the languages she teaches, and reach B1 level in just 3 months. Read what she told us about her method.

What is the team behind Language and Motivation

Right now the group consists of 5 teachers who teach six different languages! Three Greek women, a Cypriot English teacher and a Dutch! However, the people who have contributed to Language and Motivation's development to date are more, and they are people close to me who believed in me and my endeavour from the beginning.

How did you decide to devote yourself to foreign languages? What was the first language you started learning, and why?

By pure coincidence, I started learning French at the age of ten. I was selected to attend a summer school in a private institute in my city, as I was the best student in elementary school! Then came my studies in French Literature at AUTH. Fell in love with Spanish after my Erasmus, I had attended Vietnamese classes in Hanoi in 2016!

How easy is it to learn a foreign language?

Everything, in my opinion, has its way. If you have an effective method and dedicate time to everything, you will achieve it quickly and well. It applies to languages and most things in life.

An average Greek person speaking English, and possibly a second foreign language, can quickly learn Dutch with us in a few months. This is thanks to the method we use. We don't do magic. We focus on the verbs that are most needed, and we reduce the time traditionally devoted to grammar, and of course, the result is defined by the student.

How can one go B1 level within 3 months?

If s/he is attending our weekly class, studying the educational material we give him/her, and especially if this person lives in the Netherlands, then after 12 lessons s/he can certainly:
Attend a simple presentation
Understand the general message of professional emails, letters and articles
Express personal opinion and respond to daily communication at work
Offers advice in his/her field of knowledge
Take notes in seminars and rallies
Write letters and emails on familiar topics


How are the lessons given and how long does it take to study daily?

All of our lessons are done online via Skype. We create a website for each student or group of students where the teacher uploads the teaching material of the week, after each lesson. The time required for studying is 3-6 hours/week.

What languages are taught, and which others do you intend to add in the future?

I am very proud because we are currently teaching 6 languages. We started with French and Greek for foreigners teaching me, German was added soon after, and since September, we have added Dutch, English and Portuguese!

Within 2020 more teachers will be trained in the method by me and we intend to add Italian and Spanish for sure. Any other language we can include will be a bonus! For I do not speak any other languages, I need to have a good understanding of them first; similar to what I have with Dutch, German and Italian. This is because we want to make sure that we will be able to apply the method equally effectively. I have Scandinavian languages in mind as an example, but maybe this is a distant plan! I prefer to take small, steady steps to ensure the quality of our lessons, above all.


Can anyone live in the Netherlands without knowing Dutch?

I know quite a few people living in the Netherlands without knowing the language, just like me. This, of course, gives rise to a feeling of loneliness because of the reduced ability to integrate; over time, it becomes a problem. Of course, I also know people whose primary concern is to learn the language so that they can work in their field and claim the salary and the quality of life they deserve. From then on, those who learn Dutch in the early years of their stay in the Netherlands create for themselves the conditions to live a fuller life here. Both professionally and socially!

Why do you need to know the language of the country where you live?

In life, I think we should always claim the maxim and be guided by what fills us, not to live drowned in compromises. Language, no matter where one lives, is and always will be the source of our thinking, the link to the people we love, the relationships we develop, and the best way to introduce ourselves to others. It is the key to a more integrated experience. And for Greeks who have lived in the Netherlands for years, knowing Dutch is the key to a more beautiful life here.

Where can we find more information about your services?

You can go online and like us on Facebook: Language and Motivation. If you have any questions, just send us a message there. Or you can visit our website: The new website will be online until the end of the year.

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