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Posted on: Oct 07, 2016

Qestionnaire - Greeks and their partners in The Netherlands

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Are you Greek who live in the Netherlands? With such a terrible weather you need at least one more to heat your bed. If you came here single, you have already realise that to synapses a relationship in the Netherlands (open, normal, with or without shackles) is not as difficult as back in Greece. People are more free, want to live experiences, to have fun, to travel, learn new things and open their minds.

From the other hand, if you came together with your partner then is a good chance to get to know him (or her) better and live together a free life. This country gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want and live however you decide.

In the Netherlands you can meet people from all over the world and share experiences that will change the way you think and will make you happy, or you can drive your relationship to another level and live all that you have dreamed with her (or him).

But what is the choices of the Greeks? We did a mini survey with 128 respondents, Greeks living in the Netherlands, and behold the results!

What is your age?

19 - 24 -> 2
25 - 35 -> 99
35 - 50 -> 24

How many years do you live in the Netherlands?


What is your relationship status?


What is the nationality of your partner?

Greek 55
Dutch 48
Dutch/Greek 3
Polish 2
Nigerian 2
Spanish 2
Israeli - Dutch 2
Albanian 1
Austrian 1
Belgian 1
Bulgarian 1
Canadian-Greek 1
Cypriot-Greek 1
Chilean 1
Caribbean 1
Egyptian 1
French 1
Haitian 1
Iranian 1
Irish - African 1
Indonesian 1
Italian 1
Russian 1
Singaporean 1

So, half of the Greeks prefer their partner from back home. Mmmm

How long have you been together?


Who made the first move?


Name 3 things that you like about your partner

Most of the results were:

Passionate, hardworking , cooks well, beautiful, funny, friend, independent, willing, smart, beautiful, caring, humour, eyes, comfort, character, manners, kindness, charming, intelligent, kind, polite, fun, open to discussion and ideas, calm, alternative, creative, positive, handsome, loving, caring, always there, loyalty, stability, open, reliable, honest, sweet, not caring about other people's opinion, understanding, supportive, a very good handyman, smartness, cuteness, supportiveness, intelligence, empathy, curiosity, integrity of character, cool, direct, cuddly, same interests, reliable, trustable his love about me, always find a solution, good father-husband, character, smile, personality, well behaviour, generosity, sexy, relaxed.

Name 3 things that you dislike about your partner

From the other side you will see a lot of similarities to these characteristics.

Too direct, less affectionate, sleeps early
Direct, lacking diplomacy, stubborn
Not having greek mentality
Temper, stubbornness, snoring
Stubborn, messy
Stubbornness, last word
Too detailed, stubborn
Stubborn high temper
His approach to life!!! His super analytic thinking, his stubbornness
Nervous, stubborn
Stubborn, ξεροκεφάλη
He procrastinates, he could be stubborn and persistent
Stubborn, arrogant
Stubbornly, low self esteem, slow decision making
Stubborn, leaves things lying around, has "blind spots"
Stubborn 3 times
Selfish, stubborn, too independent
Impatience, temper, noisy
His anger his mistrust towards me his

The word “Stubborn” is the king here

Lazy with households
Cleaning standards (non existent)
Not cleaning very often, not taking a lot initiatives, sometimes speaks too much
Laziness (sometimes), last-minute attitude
Laziness, irresponsible, childishness
Can't cook
Tightfisted, not very clean, not very humorous

Is someone lazy and doesn’t like cleaning?

Stress, no late Saturday morning sleep, no cookin
Terrible choice of clothes
Jokes, passion for his work, passion for money
His mother

Nothing i dislike: 10 answers

Are you open to try a relationship with a partner from another nationality? (Answer only if you partner is Greek)


Was a choice not to have a greek partner or a coincidence? (Answer only if you partner is not Greek)


What do you think is missing from the relationships in the Netherlands?

Passion 33
Nothing 14
Emotions & feelings 10
Time 6
Flirt 5
Nightlife & greek food 5
Randomness 4
Craziness 4
Dedication 4
Self-less love 3
Friendship 3
Communication 2
Hills 1
Values 1
Sun 1
Empathy 1

What do you think is better in the relationships in the Netherlands?

Directness 14
Nothing 13
Money management 8
Communication 6
Personal space 6
No stress 6
Loyalty and honesty 5
Less analytical 5
No relatives / family 4
Equality 4
Open mind 4
Time management 2
Trust 2
Easy life 2
Kindness 2
Breaking up 1
Same goals 1
Perspective 1
No jealousy 1

Thank you all for reading

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