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Posted on: May 09, 2016

Celebrating the greatness of coffee


The famous Jackie Chan once said that “coffee is a language in itself”. This phrase represents the majority of people, who share the same passion about coffee like Mr. Chan. We do adore coffee too. As passionate coffee lovers we visited the 3rd Amsterdam Coffee Festival, which took place in Westergasfabriek, from the 18th until the 20th of March 2016. The coffee festival was originally initiated six years ago in London, and as the festival states for itself, it celebrates people’s biggest morning -and not only- love, COFFEE.


After experiencing all three days of the festival, we learned more about all these different ways of roasting and brewing coffee, and that each kind of coffee is unique. We had the opportunity to taste various coffee products and each of them have their very own characteristics.


A diverse sample of coffee products, including coffee biscuits, coffee drinks as well as “coffeeholic” beverages (a mix of coffee with alcohol), and other coffee flavored snacks, was available to the public. It turns out that coffee is not just a morning drink, rather an integral part of our everyday lives.


The well-organized festival gave the opportunity to coffee brands, coffee shops, and coffee experts to further promote their products. Also, the visitors could find other beverages and snacks (i.e. tea, street food, chocolates) and enjoy their time, while other happenings took place. In the meantime visitors had the chance to attend a free art gallery about coffee. A blackboard was also set in the middle of the gallery and visitors could write a strong message on it regarding the water diminution in the planet, due to world water day’s celebration on the 22nd of March.


A noteworthy event was the election of the best Dutch barista. The visitors could see live the contestants showing their skills on brewing coffee, while three experts were there to vote for the big winner. People had the opportunity to get inside the so called lab and taste free hands-on demonstrations and practice their own skills by preparing their own coffee.

Different activities occurred for as long as the festival lasted, such as demos of Latte art or preparation of espresso. Various deejay sets covered the venue with uplifting music, while in the evening an espresso martini party was held, where visitors had the chance to try different drinks and cocktails. This coffee experience was a great opportunity for the coffee lovers and the industries to learn more about coffee and of course taste it.

By: Ina Agalliou & Alexis Bikas
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