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Posted on: Aug 24, 2014

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There are sometimes that you just want to say a big and real “Thank you” to life because of the people that one day have been brought in your path, these who keep standing by you and those who are on their way but they are not here yet (and you are looking forward to meet them and you hope that they will be here soon!).

Everyday people cross our lives to stay for a while, for longer periods or forever (rare but it happens!). But how often we really appreciate their presence in our lives? How intensively we live small but qualitative moments with them? And how frequently we express our joy because they are still part of our lives? With these questions in my head I decided this morning to right my long “Thank you” and leave it in a small place inside the chaotic Internet with the thought that there will be always someone who will read about these who offered me – consciously or not –one or more moments of happiness.

Who I want to thank?

I thank the two persons who have contributed to come in life and they did the best they thought as important to see me happy.

I thank all who started from the first years of my life to be a part of it. Because of them my life was full of joy, insouciance, interests and moments of self-critique and self-education.

I thank all those who “passed” just for a while in order to make me learn something and then they left to find others to show them new things.

I thank these who stopped just for a moment doing what they were doing in order to tell me a nice word or to give me a piece of advice to change my thoughts for the better.

I thank all who said to me “I love you” and they didn’t care if I will answer back “Me too”.

I thank the people who gave me something – material or not – from their bottom of their heart without thinking whether I will be able to give anything back.

I thank those who taught me something they knew well, without making fun of me because I didn’t know it yet. I will always remember their hunger to share their knowledge and their experience with me.

I thank all who forgave my ungratefulness or my emotional “blindness” and they kept offering themselves to me while they were aware of the fact that my appreciation and my love will not be always present.

I thank these who were always giving me more phone-calls than I was giving to them.

I thank the people who understood that we don’t fit each other and they wisely stopped any communication. You want to know the most touching part of it? They never said one bad thing about me.

I thank those who thought (once or more times) “I cannot stand you” but they didn’t left.

I thank the persons who one day suddenly met me and later they asked me to go for a coffee or lunch with them.

I thank all who one day cooked for me and I thank all who one day tasted food that I cooked.

I thank those who often took long trips to meet me.

I thank those who will keep taking long trips to meet me.

I thank all who told me small and big secrets.

I thank the people who earned and not demanded a part in my heart.

But more than anything…

I thank those who forbade me to take them out of my life and make a decision for them, because I had the impression I knew what is the best for them.

I thank these who will come and leave without letting me some time to say “thank you”. I want them to know that I wanted so much and for so long to express my thankfulness, but in the end for some stupid reasons I didn’t do it.

I thank these few people who will remain in my life for years not because they cannot find “a better place to be” but because they want to stabilize their will to stay and fight every difficulty as much as they can.


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