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Posted on: Sep 18, 2016

6 fun questions about your Greek friends

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We asked 33 people from 19 countries, that have Greek friends, 6 simple questions about their friends. Let’s go!

1. Would you like more Greek friends?


Best answers:
José (Spain) You cannot control that! They just appear!
Phaedra (Netherlands) Yes I would like more Greek friends. They are more fun to hang around with and have way more topics to talk about
Simon (Ireland) Yes, I would like more Greek friends?
Vayani (Pakistan) One is enough ha ha!!!!

And the rest:
Jim (UK), Yes, Always
Kelly (Netherlands) Why not? I like the greek. They're good party people
Elina (Latvia) Yes, I do.!I love Greeks
Sandra (Germany) To be honest, I never thought about friends in terms of nationality. But yes, I would like more friends in general
Irma (Netherlands) Yes
Kenneth (USA) Yeah why not there is always room for more
Jelmer (Netherlands) A true friend is always a joy in life - Greek or not
Louise (Netherlands) Yes, why not
Lilly (Germany, China) I would love more Greek friends :)
Gerard (Netherlands) Not just because they are Greeks, but Greek musicians on the other hand. ..
Bram (Netherlands) Not necessarily more Greek friends
Ilaria (Italy) Yes i like to be around them
Bärbel (Netherlands) Ochi
Ernie (Netherlands) If it happens, yes
Annemiek (Netherlands) Yes, i would like!
Sandra (Colombia) Yes
Kim (Suriname) Yes, friends with different backgrounds only makes you richer
Maria (Nicaragua with roots in Iran & Armenia) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees
Adedeji (Nigeria) Never get tired of Greek friends so yes
Jille (Philippines) In general I want to have more friends, but I have my limitations, Greek or non Greek as long as it clicks and we have commonalities
Natanaël (Caribbean, Curacao) Maybe
Joice (Suriname) One is enough, I would get crazy otherwise :)
Zub (Turkey) Yes
Sonja (Netherlands) Why not, when they are nice people… thank u sonja for ur time... keep going
Lodewijk (Netherlands) No
Sindy (Netherlands) I don't mind where my friends come from
Patricia (Spain) Always
Roel (Netherlands) Anytime
Irwin (Suriname As long as they are good people, any nationality is welcome!

Conclusion: Maybe you expected a big 100% yes, ts ts ts. There are actually people that can stand only 1 Greek friend! Learn from that!

2. What greek habit do you like the most and which is the one you hate?


Best answers:
Elina (Latvia)I like that Greeks takes everything more or less easy or what I mean ,,halara". I don't like when Greeks say ,, in a while", because you never know if it will be 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour!
José (Spain) I like that you have frappe but i cannot stand it to see you hold it for 3 hours!!!
Jelmer (Netherlands) Positive habit: not afraid to touch eachother (not sexually, but in terms of human warmth) 2) negative habit (in my eyes): kseroles

And the rest:
Jim (UK) I love the warmth and tactile behavior, I most dislike the washing of streets with bleach and a broom!
Kelly (Netherlands) Greek habit? I like that family is very important for you. What I hate? I haven't really found a habit that I hate. Something about the Greek could be that they are quite stubborn, this of course can be a good or a bad thing
Sandra (Germany) I like most Greek passion, warmth and generosity of spirit. I hate most repeated and heavily brutal swearing, as well as ultimate male righteousness and macho-genes.
Irma (Netherlands) Most Greeks are warm and friendly. There's no habit that I hate.
Kenneth, (USA) I like the Greek eating habits always good food and company. Can say of any habits that I hate so far
Louise (Netherlands) I like the way they flirt and I don't like the habit that they are almost never on time
Lilly (Germany, China) I like that Greek people are so loud when you are talking to each other! It's really funny to observe.. Don't know what I hate
Gerard (Netherlands) Like: Greeks never seem to care about time Hate: same as above
Bram (Netherlands) Always ready to help or support a friend or family member or even stranger in need. Not taking agreements or appointments too seriously
Ilaria (Italy) Eating together ( i dont have 1 that i hate) very friendly, fun to be around they enjoy life
Bärbel (Netherlands) Like: Hospitality, Dislike: Chaos
Ernie (Netherlands) Love: Not having an agenda. Hate: Loud talking like they have an argument
Phaedra (Netherlands) The Greek habit I like the most is the good humor they have on the right moments. The one I hate(d) most, is the loud 'angry' conversations, standing up and waving their arms. Before I knew that was just talking, I thought that they were fighting
Annemiek (Netherlands) What i like the most is the hospitality, what i don't like is the "Greek time', everybody is always late
Sandra (Colombia) I don’t know!
Vayani (Pakistan) Not discovered yet
Kim (Suriname) I am very interested in Greek mythology. So I love that part of Greek history. Greek people and Surinam people are very polite. You always have to eat something. It's a great habit/ tradition, but sometimes you don't have room to eat more and they still force you to eat more
Maria (Nicaragua with roots in Iran & Armenia) Hospitality, I haven't have a lot of experience with Greeks to know which habit I hate
Adedeji (Nigeria) I like the fact that if they do or don't like you, you'll know, they are very real, i don't like too much laid backness, not getting things done on time
Jille (Philippines) I think the passion of Greek is as well as I like and also can not really deal with as I am a person that is not really know how to deal with confrontations and Greeks are very out there with their emotions. But that is more my problem than a Greek
Natanaël (Caribbean, Curacao) Making a lot of noise when they have fun! I don't know other habits
Joice (Suriname) Their hospitality, willingness and spontaneity. Their less nice habit I find their difficulty with learning to say "no" at least once!
Simon (Ireland) Don't know what are specific Greek habits
Zub (Turkey) Hate is not a word that i like to use but i love their nutrition habits
Sonja (Netherlands) I really do not know, sorry
Lodewijk (Netherlands) Love: the innocent way of living. Many parties without a reason. Hate: THEY ALWAYS RUN LATE
Sindy (Netherlands) How do I know what habits are Greek and Which are not.. I do not throw my dishes on the floor but I do like ouzo before dinner.
Patricia (Spain) hopaaaa I don't hate nothing there
Roel (Netherlands) No clue. I like the good times even family is together. I dont know greek customs by name
Irwin (Suriname Hahahahaha, I’m afraid I don’t know any Greek habit! Or wait – I remember those guys with dark sunglasses on their scooters trying to look like Sylvester Stallone – I did not really fancy them :D And the one thing that I liked the most was that people were very down to earth and kind, and I’m very sensitive to kindness so I enjoyed that.

Conclusion: We get likes for our hospitality, family, passion, eating habits, humor, flirt, politeness, generosity, but somebody is trying to tell us something: 8 answers were: THEY ALWAYS RUN LATE. It is not a stereotype anymore but a reality. Food for thought!

3. Do you drink frappe?


Best answers:
Joice (Suriname) Jaaaaa, and this is because I like it much more than Dutch coffee
Sonja (Netherlands) What the hell is frappe???
José (Spain) Yes, but i drink it a lot faster!!!
Irwin (Suriname I understand now that I’m a cultural barbarian – never had frappe! You’ll have to introduce me to it asap (I don’t think they have it in Paramaribo ;)

And the rest:
Jim (UK) No, I'm vegan and prefer espresso freddo
Kelly (Netherlands) Frappe? The delicious ice shake chocolate thing? Is that Greek?
Elina (Latvia)Yes, I do. Usually, I like to drink it in summer, because it gives energy and it's refreshing, I can't imagine to drink hot coffee in Greek summer.
Sandra (Germany)No
Irma (Netherlands) I don't drink frappe, but I do drink Greek coffee.
Kenneth (USA) Nope I don't
Jelmer (Netherlands) Yes - I like it
Louise (Netherlands) Yes, because Vasilis / Alexandros make them very well
Lilly (Germany, China) I don't drink frappe, but it's it's warmer, I would definitely try!
Gerard (Netherlands) Occasionally yes, but not the nescafe variety. I make it myself from good espresso
Bram (Netherlands) No
Ilaria (Italy) I don't drink frappe but i love ouzo
Bärbel (Netherlands) Yes
Ernie (Netherlands) Only on summer vacation in Greece
Phaedra (Netherlands) Yes. Because a filter coffee in the summer sucks, and also to get the Greek feeling
Annemiek (Netherlands) Of course i drink, its the best coffee in the world!
Sandra (Colombia) Yes
Vayani (Pakistan) No, i didn’t have the chance to sip it
Kim (Suriname) No
Maria (Nicaragua with roots in Iran & Armenia) No
Adedeji (Nigeria) Nope i prefer Elliniko cafe hot, not frappe
Jille (Philippines) No, do not drink coffee at all
Natanaël (Caribbean, Curacao) No! Don't know it
Simon (Ireland) Yes. It's tasty
Zub (Turkey) No, i am not a fan of coffee
Lodewijk (Netherlands) Yes. Because it is coffee, cold and taste very soft
Sindy (Netherlands) I drink frappe when it is hot and I feel like having a cup of coffee
Patricia (Spain) wine and ouzo
Roel (Netherlands) Did drink it some time ago in a greek restaurant

Conclusion: Half of the people we asked, don't like or drink frappe. So, NOT everybody likes Frappe, i know, it's shocking!

4. Which is your favorite greek food?


Best answers:
Sandra, (Germany) Leo (my partner ), olive oil (young) and cretan yogurt with walnuts & thyme honey
Elina (Latvia) I can't name one! I like mousaka, green pepers with feta, stuffed tomatoes and paprika etc. I love Greek sweets. They are the best sweets what I have ever ate in my life!
Jim (UK) Fava or fasolakia
Kelly (Netherlands) Haloumi
Ilaria (Italy) That pastry with feta and spinach (don't know the name), moussaka and the meatballs we had last time

And the rest:
Irma (Netherlands) Greek food, all sorts
Kenneth (USA) I like it all
José (Spain) Keftedakia & Tzatziki
Jelmer (Netherlands) Soutzoukakia
Louise (Netherlands) Paidakia
Lilly (Germany, China) Bougatsa! The one with spinach and cream, and spinach rice..
Gerard (Netherlands) When it's prepared properly: katsikaki
Bram (Netherlands) Papoutchakia
Bärbel (Netherlands) Spanakopita
Ernie (Netherlands) Kokkinisto
Phaedra (Netherlands) Pita souvlaki kotopoulo, not with soz but with tzatziki
Annemiek (Netherlands) Pita Gyros
Sandra (Colombia) Vegetarian dishes
Vayani (Pakistan) Anything except metal and wood
Kim (Suriname) Kotopoulo me ryzi and Tzatziki
Maria (Nicaragua with roots in Iran & Armenia) I don't know, no experience with Greek cuisine yet
Adedeji (Nigeria) Saganaki
Jille (Philippines) Salad, sea food
Natanaël (Caribbean, Curacao) No idea!
Joice (Suriname) Mmmmmmmm I wish I didn't like any of the them :)
Simon (Ireland) Thai food (sorry Greece)
Zub (Turkey) Soutzoukakia
Sonja (Netherlands) Sorry, sushi is my favorite
Lodewijk (Netherlands) Bekrimeze
Sindy (Netherlands) My favorite food is chocolate like most woman. .. Or otherwise cheese
Patricia (Spain) All food is great
Roel (Netherlands) Moussaka & souvlaki Nomnomnom
Irwin (Suriname Upsi… last time I visited Greece was like 15 years ago. I do remember having a salad, I think it was called ‘Greek salad’. Oh and there was something like rice in leaves, I think grape leaves, I liked that. And one time in Holland I had something with meat on a loaf of bread, but I cannot recall the name…

Conclusion: Everybody loves Greek food!

5. Why do you have Greek friends, coincidence or conscious choice?


Best answers:
Sandra (Germany)I have a Greek Partner, and I consciously chose the person, not the nationality. Interestingly my parents (who are seperated) both had a Greek love in the past, do we have a ''Greek theme'' running in the family. Must be more than coincidence...
Lilly (Germany, China) Greeks are everywhere in Amsterdam, and they like to talk to people, I think everybody knows at least one Greek! My first Greek person was pano, my former roomate.

Jim (UK) My partner is part Greek and we lived in Athens for a year and made some of our best friends there
Kelly (Netherlands) Pure coincidence and I'm happy with it haha
Elina (Latvia) I have Greek friends by coincidence.
Irma (Netherlands) Some coincidence, some conscious
Kenneth (USA) Coincidence
José (Spain) Choose!!!
Jelmer, (Netherlands) Must have been greek in my previous life and it is a good way to stay in touch in the next one
Louise (Netherlands) It started as a coincidence and till now I am stuck with one
Gerard (Netherlands) Well, because I have been playing Greek music since I was 17
Bram (Netherlands) Coincidence
Ilaria (Italy) Coincidence and affinity
Bärbel (Netherlands) Both
Ernie (Netherlands) My husband is Greek, that's why
Phaedra (Netherlands) I have Greek friends because the culture attracted me. Way of thinking, acting and life
Annemiek (Netherlands) I just met them at holidays, and of course i love my Greek friends coincidence choice
Sandra (Colombia) The warm, my friend Des (proud) put me in touch with my roots
Vayani (Pakistan) Coincidence but proud to have a Greek friend
Kim (Suriname) Coincidence
Maria (Nicaragua with roots in Iran & Armenia) Coincidence
Adedeji (Nigeria) I lived in their country, so why not
Jille (Philippines) Through work
Natanaël (Caribbean, Curacao) Coincidentally
Joice (Suriname) Lots of similarities with the Surinamese culture, like hospitality, willingness and spontaneity. There is no such a thing like coincidence. We just had to meet each other and become friends. It was meant to be!
Simon (Ireland) Coincidence I suppose
Zub (Turkey) Meeting with them may be coincidence but being friends is not
Sonja (Netherlands) Coincidence…
Lodewijk (Netherlands) Choice
Sindy (Netherlands) Coincidence
Patricia (Spain) Both al Greeks on my way are welkome
Roel (Netherlands) Ow and coincidence becoming conscious choice pretty quickly
Irwin (Suriname I have two ‘Greek’ friends: one is a Surinamese lady who lived in Greece for a long time, the other is a Greek goddess; the first one is the daughter of a former girlfriend, the second one was sent by the Universe. So I go for coincidence, even if I don’t believe in such a thing ;)

Conclusion: Greeks are everywhere in Amsterdam, and they like to talk to people, I think everybody knows at least one Greek. Lilly told us so! Most of them met us by coincidence but kept us by choice!

6. Feta or young Gouda?


Best answers:
Louise, (Netherlands) Feta fits choriatiki, but old amsterdam is fitting well too
Phaedra (Netherlands) Feta and all the other good cheeses Greece has to offer. Yummie. Don't even know why they sell Gouda in Greece!
Adedeji (Nigeria) Feta s'agapw polu :D
Natanaël (Caribbean, Curacao) FETA of course! Not everyday! Whahahaha!

And the rest:
Jim (UK) Neither thanks, Vegan. Although years ago I would have said feta for sure, and we're experimenting with making a fermented vegan cashew feta
Kelly (Netherlands) Definitely feta
Elina (Latvia) Definitely feta!
Sandra (Germany)FETA, definitely!
Irma (Netherlands) To be honest, I like both
Kenneth (USA) I like all the cheeses but now that I've been hanging out with the Greeks and see and taste all the things they make with feta I really love it
José (Spain) Feta
Jelmer (Netherlands) Gouda
Lilly (Germany, China) Gouda! Don't like feta
Gerard (Netherlands) Easy: feta!
Bram (Netherlands) Feta. But if the choice was between feta and oude kaas…
Annemiek (Netherlands) Feta! ( I think i was Greek in my previous life)
Ilaria (Italy) Definitely Feta!
Bärbel (Netherlands) I eat both!
Ernie (Netherlands) Young Gouda
Sandra (Colombia) Feta of course!
Vayani (Pakistan) Not tried yet but I believe the Greek will be the best
Kim (Suriname) Feta! Always Feta!
Maria (Nicaragua with roots in Iran & Armenia) FETA like we have in Armenia, my two boys are crazy about feta!
Jille (Philippines) Feta
Joice (Suriname) FETA!, i use it weekly in my diet It's not to be compared with jong belegen
Simon (Ireland) D'oh. Feta of course
Zub (Turkey) Both, in different contexts
Sonja (Netherlands) Feta!!!!!!!!
Lodewijk (Netherlands) Gouda
Sindy (Netherlands) Both...I love all cheeses, depends what else your having
Patricia (Spain) Feta...
Roel (Netherlands) Young gouda
Irwin (Suriname) That’s easy: feta of course!

Conclusion: Feta won. It's not like we weren't expecting that one ;)

Thank you all for your answers and for being our friends :)

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