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Posted on: Oct 27, 2013

More things that a Greek learned after 20 months in the Netherlands


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The list of things that I have learned since the time I set my foot in the Netherlands is just growing. Every day I find myself surprised with things and situations that I would never have to face in Greece.


No matter how good your umbrella might be, the rain will find a way through your clothes. Its some days that water even finds its way on places you never thought you’d get wet. Apparently the rain in the Netherlands has no shame and no sense of direction!


Feel free to put as many chains as you like on your gorgeous new bike that you just got, but remember, if you park it alone in central Amsterdam the chances are that you might never see it again.


When you have to travel far you will have to use at least 3 trains in order to get there and one of those will be late enough so that your schedule goes to hell.


No matter how many pita-giros you might eat here it will never be more tasty than back in Greece. Nobody can get that essential “dirty” taste of the decade old (at least, experience counts) fast food joint that has been built over the years.


There is always a neighbour complaining in the apartment building that you live, who thinks that for a 1000 euros in Amsterdam and with another 500 “roommates” he will have complete silence during the hours that you are actually allowed to be loud! Imagine what would happen if all of the residents coughed at the same time. Illegal?


In the Netherlands everything works slow besides the incasso (debt collection) agencies!


The one time that you will decide to cross the street fast because you cannot miss the bus will be the time that you will get a ticket because you crossed a red light, even though there is no traffic, it's too early, in the middle of nowhere and raining!


You constantly forget to get a bag for the market and you end up having so many plastic bags at the house that you really don’t know what to do with them any more.


The Dutch don’t like yelling and confrontation. If you are having trouble communicating in services you can always try the Greek method of “I want to see a manager” and suddenly people tend to be more communicative and in excellent English.

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Photos by: Bob Jagendorf, Moyan_Brenn, itsvasco, unicellular, Rob Marson, SarahJohs, ednl, Daviddje & special friend Thrasivoulou Panou


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