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Posted on: Apr 23, 2013

Last Queens Day in Amsterdam and a few useful tips too save you some trouble


History behind this special celebration

Do we really care? It is the biggest party in the streets of the Netherlands along with the biggest street sale. It can and usually in some cases will get really wild. All you need to know for now, is that this is the last Queens day, since the Netherlands has a King now, and that besides all the crazy partying in the streets, you should keep your mind on a few things if you want the party to go smooth!

Plan your transportation very carefully

No cars are allowed on Queen’s Day in the Amsterdam center and all public means of transportation, including trains, have a special schedule for this day, plan very carefully your trip and leave nothing to luck!

GVB (Public transportation company) has announced that a special event ticket will be sold, especially for Queen's Day. This ticket will allow the holder to travel on all modes of transport in the city, for these 24 hour for 5 euros, including night buses.

If you need more info, you can visit a post especially for transportation on Queen's Day at

Money is hard to find and easy to lose on Queen's day

Get money out of the bank the day before. There are enormous lines at the ATM's and most of the time the machines run out of money and you have to travel in order to find one that works!

Leave your valuables behind, at home or in your hotel or give them to a friend. Do not carry with you something that can be stolen easily. Yes, people do steal!

Take a lot of change in your pockets, 50 cents, € 1 and € 2 coins. You may want to buy something on the market, or use a toilet which is not free, or easily available!

If you are the type that goes a bit overboard...

Wear comfortable shoes, because you are going to walk/party like there is no tomorrow!

In the street on Queen’s Day, it is not allowed to carry more than one bottle or can of alcohol with you. Don't carry a six-pack of beer, in the open.

Don't get too drunk (please try) if you do not have somebody to at least carry you home. The way back can be difficult due to the crowd and the general chaos of the day. If you are not going to spend the night away from home, be prepared!

Events & happenings

Alongside the royal celebrations, there will still be masses of traditional Queen’s Day entertainment including the citywide street market and many parties in-doors or outside.

You can find from now an event that you would like to participate here or you can go with the flow and explore the Orange city without a schedule!

Wherever you choose to spend this special day, remember to be careful and have enjoy responsibly, or not!


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