In The Netherlands
Posted on: Apr 16, 2013

31 days later and 132 times listening to the same record


This post is also available in Greek

Exactly one month has passed since this online friendship started. Within this month a lot of wonderful things happened, we met many interesting people, managed to get close to a thousand people to read us daily and it appears they are thirsty for more and have great expectations from us.

31 days and every one of those days was a new adventure. Working day and night to start creating a base of all the issues that concern all of us that chose to stay in the Netherlands but also for all those that aren’t doing well wherever they may be and just need a buddy to pick them up, even online.

The small and short conclusion we came up with was that in this country, many cranky, special and remarkable Greeks have found their home and even more came now, along with us, and are looking to open their mind and create here. People that we will introduce to you because we want you to get to know them and through their words find the answers you are looking for. We will ask them the hard questions. Are they ready? If not, they better get. We are not reporters, we are bloggers and that is the most exciting part.

Our favorite color is that of the sky that we watch every afternoon from our window and our favorite angry bird is the blue one, because it multiplies and even though it doesn’t show it, it’s really strong. We are allergic to lies, unlawfulness and depression and we cannot but tell the truth, after all we are in the Netherlands! We listen to music from all over the world and we dance to every kind of rhythm. We still keep opening the window on a sunny day, just to regret it after the cold has entered. We have lost money on real estate scams and we paid money on fines from miscommunications or a wrong translation.

Today we are still a small group of friends that is interested in helping out and has the strength and the passion to do it. In 2, 3 months, even a year, no one knows how many of us will be here. We are the Greeks of the second largest migration wave and if we wanted too we can’t be quiet anymore, because we are too many now, and we do like to make noise.

And because the sun never left from our mind, we take along with us new friends that accept our crazy ways. For us, it is our friend Dovy from Lithuania, our buddy Tommi from Italy and so many that are enchanted daily when they meet us. Because they hear all these beautiful stories about crazy times on the beaches, huge feasts on every holiday but also for outrageous summers on the Greek islands, about irrational beauracratic procedures and Greek scams, small and large. They want a taste of Greece, they want to get to know us and to understand us. To understand why all these squares are filled with mediteranean people that lived in a sunny paradise and moved to the country that is sinking.

Tuesday 8:38pm. 31 days, 891 likes, 2 shows on the radio, a small interview on Et3, 132 plays of Konstantinou Vita’s album and we are still writing and don’t ever want to stop. We have so much to say, you have so much to say. The journey has just began and it’s a great one.


Designer, marketer & a social media karate kid (No 4). When she grows up, she wants to feed the world with Greek food & Frappe. Admires the yellow angry bird because it strikes its targets with power and precision.