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Posted on: Dec 20, 2015

If you ever need emergency help call 112 - The European emergency number

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112 is an emergency telephone number for all European citizens and travelers within EU to contact emergency services for assistance in all the member States.

For quicker and more efficient intervention, 112 operates either alongside the national emergency numbers or as the main emergency number depending on the country.

You can 112 in cases of of fire, smoke, explosives, serious car or work accident, stealing, damage a vehicle or property or if you or people nearby you are trapped, injured, unconscious, bleeding, suffocating. Do not call it for no reason or for fun though.

If the operator does not answer your call immediately do not hang up; every repeated call is considered a new one and thus, is put at the end of the queue. Always stay calm and make sure your answers are precise, brief and clear. You will wait approximately eight seconds and you can call even from a mobile phones in the Netherlands with no SIM card.

Visit 112 Foundation for more information.

And remember, "When in doubt, dial it out - 112. You could save someone’s life!"


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