In The Netherlands
Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Everybody is high in The Netherlands and other silly stereotypes about the Dutch you should avoid spreading.


Everybody is getting high in The Netherlands.

Even though cannabis is legal in The Netherlands that doesn't automatically mean that everybody is an avid user of marijuana. Actually this controversial tolerance that the Dutch have with cannabis has lowered the percentages of addicts and drug users in The Netherlands.

All Dutch are tall, blonde, blue eyed.

Well sure most of them are and that is the typical look of a Dutch person but if you really want this stereotype to be more valid you should perhaps be looking at Sweden(?)

The Netherlands is full of gay people.

Now this is a really stupid stereotype. Just because same sex marriage is legal in The Netherlands doesn't mean that most of the population is automatically gay. Get a grip people!

The Dutch are rude.

If you are not used to people that talk directly and say what they really mean and want, then yes the Dutch will probably appear rude to you. But come on. We just said it, they are direct!

Tulips, wooden shoes and mills are everywhere

That is a half right stereotype. Sure you will probably find wind mills and tulips fields all over the Netherlands but the mills are usually out of order or turned into tourist attractions. Oh and the wooden shoes those are definitely mainly for the tourists. The Dutch have stopped wearing those a long time ago.

Photos by Mr. Theklan, Ellen Munro, Vicburton, jurvetson