Posted on: Apr 15, 2018

Some of the coolest (for some reason) coffeeshops in Amsterdam




Dampkring is one of the most touristy coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The "Ocean's Twelve Haze" on the menu testifies to the coffeeshop's appearance in a scene from the 2004 Ocean's Twelve remake, a fact the owners are visibly proud of. Their self-conscious celebrity aside, Dampkring is certainly worth a stop on any cannabis lover in Amsterdam.

Find out more: dampkring-coffeeshop-amsterdam.nl
Why we like it: Because Brad Pit was there!

Grey Area


Grey Area is one of the smallest but famous, coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The place is an American favorite, the joint has been around for 15 years and offers great ambience and company. It’s a celebrity hotspot in its own right, and you must drop by to smoke what the cool kids are smoking.

Grey Area have won their fair share of Cannabis Cup Awards over the years. Granted, they have never won the much coveted Cup itself (yet). But a major achievement none the less.

Grey Area Coffeeshop is famous all over the world as the Original Home of Double Bubble Gum, Stonehedge, Wobbler, 4077, Yellow Cab and the Grey Mist Crystal - Trichromes.

Some of the coolest guys has been to this coffeeshop over the years like Snoop Dogg, Bush, B-Real, Deftones, Lou Reed, and many many more.
Find out more: www.greyarea.nl
Why we like it: Because is super cool and has the Grey Mist Crystals.



Barney's is a familiar name to those who follow the Cannabis Cup. Their products have amassed several awards over the years. The Barney's emporium consists of four distinctive locations, the centrally located Barney's Coffeeshop and the Barney's Uptown restaurant.

The recently-redecorated Barney’s is located in a 500-year-old building and has been the most popular coffeeshop on Haarlemmerstraat for over 20 years. You should try at the coffeeshop, excellent Vanilla Kush, (2009 Cannabis Cup award winner) and a varity of freshly brewed flavored coffees, a big selection of tea and milkshakes.
Find out more: www.barneys.biz
Why we like it: Because it has excellent weed selections.

The Green house


Greenhouse is no slouch either when it comes to fine quality cannabis; fans of the coffeeshop wax poetic about their Super Silver Haze and Arjan's Ultra Haze #1, two marijuana strains that usually appear on their trophied menu.

The Green House Seed Co. website even features an inventive cannabis "Flavour Wheel" for customers to find their personal strain of choice. The coffeeshop delivers some of the best cannabis in Amsterdam and five comfortable dens to consume it in.
See some of the awards on their facebook group
Find out more: www.greenhouseseeds.nl
Why we like it: Because they know what they are doing, and they are doing it right!



Tucked away in an alley just a block from the Dam square, Abraxas has evolved from a small coffeeshop to one of the best tourist-friendly coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Great music with the DJ or dealer picking a wide range of groovy tunes.

A new feature in Abraxas is its redesigned weed bar, with a backlit menu on the front there is no more need for you to wait for the person ahead, to make your decision. The menu gives a handy description of each type of weed or hash and its effects and the staff looks generally happy to help you if you need anything. Herbal smoking mixtures are provided free of charge to replace tobacco so that you can smoke joints inside and stay within the law.
Find out more: www.abraxas.tv
Why we like it: Because the atmosfere is very nice.

Mellow Yellow


Mellow Yellow is one of the first ever coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It was established in 1970 by a connoisseur called Wernard.

It is certainly a coffeeshop that you do not pick for the nice interior and the great ambiance, but for chilling and smoking. There is no website, so if you want to find out more visit the group on facebook
Why we like it: Because is one of the first!


Bluebird has a good reputation for its range of hash and grass, its food and its multi-lingual staff. It is near Waterlooplein and is in a very modern, building in a street that's very different to those in the nearby Red Light District.

On the ground floor is a small coffee bar area. Up the stairs to the right is the food and (non-alcoholic) drinks bar. It is very cozy with a very nice view and a very friendly staff. There is no facebook group or a website to check it out.
Why we like it: Because in Bluebird works the most polite gentleman that always asks my id because he thinks I am "that" young!



Dolphins is a coffeeshop near Leidseplein. It has the most amazing decoration, making you feel like sitting in a real fish tank. In the basement is an underwater-themed chillout area with comfy sofas. This has to be one of the comfiest coffeeshops around.

Except of the girls in the bar, the staff is not as friendly as many of the above coffeeshops. But the beautiful girls are making up of this mess.
Find out more on their group on facebook
Why we like it: Because it has a very energetic weed, Northern light and because you can take out the White Dolphin week bag (5 grams), with 50 euros only.

Central Coffee Shop


You can find the Central Coffee Shop very easily. It is directly opposite the eastern end of Amsterdam's Centraal Station and it is surprisingly Dutch! Considering its location there are very few foreign tourists in this small shop.
There is no facebook group or a website to check it out.
Why we like it: Because it is the cheapest coffee shop in town with GOOD weed. Try White Widow, White Russian, PP, Super Skunk and many hash choices from 5 to 18 euros. Also, Dutch people work there that are always smiling and giving you the freshest weed!