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Laurence Cherniak, an ambassador at large in the cosmic world of cannabis


Appearing on the photos are Mr. Laurence Cherniak, Gio Dronkers, Mr. Nice-Howard Mark, Jorge Cervantes and William Texier (Mama Editions booth at the Spannabis, owned my Michka Seeliger-Chatelain and Tigrane Hadenque), Constance and Contsantinos Tsatspinos

Who is Laurence Cherniak

A Canadian - born counter culture hero and artist/actor, visionary, historian Laurence Cherniak has over 1,000 stage, screen, radio and television productions to his credit. Cherniak served as a charter member of the executive board of "Canadian's Actor's Equity Association". Among other prizes, Mr Cherniak received scholarships from the Ontario Council For The Arts, The FORD Foundation and the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire. He has starred in award winning films and won first and second place in the competition to design the original Canadian Actor's Equity Logo.

Mr. Cherniak has traveled extensively and speaks dozen languages. An ambassador at large in the cosmic world of cannabis, he was dubbed "Laurence of Cannabia" by HIGH TIMES magazine, where he served as International Correspondent and contributing photographer, in fact one of his photos is on the cover and in the centerfold on the most sold issue of HIGH TIMES magazine.

He is the original founder of THE HEAD SHOP LIMITED, the world's first psychedelic store. He designed and produced "Cherniak" line of cigarette papers. He served as the first president of NORML CANANDA, Toronto. Currently Mr. Cherniak is preparing the release of the Book 4 in "The Great Books Of Hashish Trilogies" and "Hashish: The Koy of Smoking 100 Ways".

He is continues to work on his paintings with encumber fantastic realism. He also directed (and worked as the only ghost-writer for) "On Butterfly Wings" the most financially successful (original) play in the history of the Maui Community Theater with 128 people in the show; he acted in the last 15 minutes and has a one man exhibition of his painting in the upper and lower lobbies.

He loves lining in Hawaii, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Hollywood, New Orleans, Norway, The Netherlands and all Spanish speaking countries but also feels at home in such exotic locations as Kurdistan, Baluchistan, Tangiers, Ketama, Peru, Israel, Egypt and Denmark's Christiania.

Since Book 1 of The Great Books of Hashish, Mr. Chernian has continued his artistic endeavors. As an actor, he has ported Hamplet, Richard III, Petruchio, Jacques and Othello. Previous Shakespearean contracts include (but not limited to) being an actor with the Statford Shakesperean Festival of Canada as early as 1967 (in Richard III and Antony and Cleopatra).

Mr. Cherniak's photos and stories have appeared in hundreds of magazine articles, books and films (not limited to) England, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and the United States. His photos have been exhibited in drug museums and traveling exhibitions. His writing have often been quoted by contemporary authors in their books and in other words on the subject of psychoactive substances. He is also widely published on the internet.

Since the second edition of this book in 1995, some of Mr. Cherniak's other activities include donating the use of one of his paintings "My Honey and Me" to help launch the 1st Annual Toronto Arts Week, (since it has been reproduced oner 30 million times), became a registered solutions consultant to Apple computers which aided him in promoting the most successful MacWord Expo in Canada, wrote and photographed the greatest tribute ever published about the 1st time ever, 1992 World Series Champions, the Toronto Blues Jays, exhibited his paintings at the CN Tower (world's tallest structure) in honor of the 100th year anniversary of the Eiffel Tower and undertook doing a portrait of Toronto's First Family Mr & Mrs Art Eggleton (the Mayor of Toronto for more than 10 years).

Created lines of postcards for the Turks and Caicos Islands, The Cayman Islands and Costa Rica. He has done over 5,000 scuba dives (including but not limited to) in Canada, Mexico (Cancun, Cozumel), Honduras, all the Cayman Islands Including Sting Ray City, Costa Rica (Coco Islands), Panama, lots of Bahamas (including but not limited to Freeport and Nassau's Stuart Cove's Shark Feeding Dives, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, Egypt's, Sharm el Sheik and the islands of Hawaii.

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Constantinos Tsaptsinos

Constantinos Tsaptsinos