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Posted on: Dec 21, 2015

10 things that Greeks miss in Holland


No matter how much fun we have in the Netherlands, no matter how much we are pissed off with several Greek characteristics and behaviors etc., we will always miss our life in Greece for very specific reasons. I picked 10 here, feel free to add more…


I miss good bread here (I guess it’s time for me to learn how to have homemade bread!)


No proper cocktails in most of the bars. I understand that when I order vodka with lemonade I should pay more than ordering a beer. Unless my drink it’s just lemonade, with no vodka. Then the price should be equal to sparkling water!


I miss going out late at night but not necessarily to a club! (Actually I hate clubs!).


I miss everything (or almost everything) around Greek food. No, Greek restaurants are not at all an option! The only good (and safe) option is to cook by yourself.


I miss listening to live Greek folk music (for example “rempetika”) that is usually played in Greek taverns or Greek family and friends celebrations.


I miss going to the theater. My personal sense is that most people here don't go to see theatrical plays (or in general I have never heard anyone talking about theater which is even more weird).


I miss Greek sea but most of the times I terribly miss Greek mountains. Unfortunately, no mountains here!


I miss light. Not the sun necessarily, but light. I also miss steady Greek weather.


I miss the fact that in Greece we start being in a summer mood from April (especially if the temperature is already 20 degrees or even higher) and we decide that summer has ended around November.


I miss my friends and all the people I love in Greece but I know that friendships and small “families” could be created sooner or later wherever you are. Just keep looking for the right people!

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