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Posted on: Sep 30, 2014

Dealing with losing love as an expat

Mike Klianis

This post is also available in Greek

Being heartbroken is difficult enough… being heartbroken and an expat can really complicate things. Many expats feel that they don’t have the support they need to mend a broken heart.

Our best friends may be in our home country (or another country) and the people we socialise with are often from our professional network – which can make it difficult to open up about our love life. Loneliness can feel heavy especially when our significant other is gone.

Can the pain of losing a great and deep love be overcome? How can we survive the loss of a love? How can we get through the painful moments or the realisation and acceptance of this loss?

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Vivian Chiona is the founder of Expat Nest (www.expatnest.com) which promotes the emotional well-being of expats, by providing online counselling services. Expat Nest supports expats facing challenges and who want to feel happier and more relaxed, by offering services which are reliable, flexible and just a click away!

Vivian is a registered psychologist with Masters degrees in both Child & Adolescent Psychology and Health Psychology. She is school counsellor at the British School in The Netherlands and a taskforce member of the International School Counsellor Association. She also does project-based training for the Council of Europe’s Pestalozzi Programme and is a facilitator for their online Community of Practice. A multilingual bicultural and expat with family all over the world, Vivian herself feels most at home in the international community and is inspired by its diversity.