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Posted on: Oct 04, 2013

if you are thinking about relocating again from the Netherlands, visit NMI first.

Mike Klianis

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At some point you had began a life in the Netherlands. Today you have lived and worked here for a some amount of time and you are wondering more and more if you would like to go back home again. Maybe you are homesick or maybe you are getting older and want to return to enjoy the later years somewhere more familiar. Or maybe there is work for you back home and the future might be looking good. You might even be a refugee or maybe entitled of asylum but still want to go back or to relocate to another country.

Options for returning

There are several supporting options for your relocation from the Netherlands to your country of origin or to another country. If you are dependent on a social benefit there is also the chance to move it abroad as well.

Those options offcourse are dependent from the kind of benefit you are receiving. In such a case there are a number of parameters that have to be taken into consideration. Or you can call upon the Law about Reimmigration (Remigratiewet). In this case also there a lot of rules and terms. For all these issues you can get more information from NMI - Nederlands Migratie Instituut.

How can i get in touch & talk with NMI

NMI offers visiting hours for a personal meeting all over the country. You can also submit your inquiries through their website www.nmigratie.nl.. There, you can take a test and see if you are indeed entitled to reimmigration benefits. For phone advice you can call NMI call center at (030) 2364245. After your reimmigration you can come in contact via their email address [email protected].

Here you can download the Greek brochure or you can visit NMI’s official webpage.

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