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Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

You know you have a Greek mother when all you see is an ant and all she yells is an elephant!


Despite the shift of position and role of women in the Greek society the last years, the traditional Greek Mother still exists and is represented by mothers over the age of 40.

She is full with care, love, over-protection and sometimes militaristic oppression and we are presenting you her characteristics!

Ninja-like cooking skills

She makes the best dolmades, pastitsio, mpifteki, sandwich, tzatziki, pies of the world. She still doesn't get how i drink my coffee! FFS!

She sends every Thursday or Friday, tupperware food parcels to her children who are studying in another city to have fresh food for the weekend.

Super senses

You can spotted her hysterically screams when little Nikos escapes at the seaside and runs into deep water, not deeper than the approved 15 centimeters.

She is able to spot the slightest cloud in the sky in order to dress her children to face polar temperatures.

She can smell the scent of cigarette smoke (or even worse, alcohol) on you like a hunting dog would as soon as you open the door.

ULTRA protection

She calls the police immediately after she hasn't been able to contact her student children for 24 hours.

Powers of great denial

She is always right and knows more because she is older and because she says so

She can have a heart attack if something doesn't goes as scheduled like if her son wants to live in his own home after finishing school or her daughter moving out before she is married.

Dependent, caring and always loving

The result of having a Greek mother is that for many stated reasons you will never totally grow up. And we all like to feel like kids some times. Just not all the time.

But it doesn't matter if you 5 or 55 years old, your Greek mother will always worry (for you, even though she never really explained to any of us how she does that) and she will always ask you if you've eaten enough food or if you are dressed well for the cold.

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