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Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Revelation now! The Netherlands is not Holland and Holland is not The Netherlands.

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In the olden days...

The difference Between Holland and The Netherlands came into existence after 1830 with Napoleon.

Around 1820-1830 the Kingdom of The Netherlands (included Belgium) consists out of twelve provinces: Groningen, Friesland, Drente, Overijssel, Flevoland, Gelderland, Utrecht, North-Holland, South-Holland, Zealand, North Brabant and Limburg. Two of the twelve have the name Holland, (North Holland and South Holland) and 3 of the major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague) are located in these two provinces.

So yes, if you flew to Amsterdam and you think you are in Holland, you are correct. But Holland isn't the entire country, The Netherlands is.

A knowledge bomb has been dropped.

photo by Moyan_Brenn

Mike Klianis