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Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Just how valid is your Greek ID in The Netherlands when it looks unlike an ID most Dutch have ever seen

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The Greek Consular Office in the Hague, informs everyone about the issue with Greek ID cards (you know those huge, very unflattering blue ID's we are talking about) that are often not accepted by the Dutch public services, banks or even employers.

- Greek identities issued from 2000 and onward - which the name characters are in Greek and Latin, is the official identification document and must be accepted in all countries of the European Union.

- The period of validity of identity cards shall be fifteen (15) years from the date of issue. The Minister of Public Order said, that this time may, in exceptional circumstances be extended for up to two (2) years."

- If they do not accept the Greek identity, please initially insist and point the fact that it is an official document that is recognized from the European Union. If the problem persists, please encourage them to contact the Consular Office via email grcon.hag @ mfa.gr (website: http://www.greekconsulatenl.tk)

- In special cases and particularly when it comes to private employers, the Consular Office can issue a certificate for the validity of your ID. This can be done each day, during the working hours.

For more information you can visit the website of The Greek Consular Office in The Hague here

Source: Greek Consular Office in The Hague -How valid is greek identity in Netherlands

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