Posted on: Oct 02, 2019

Fivos Delivorias In Amsterdam on Saturday 11th January in Melkweg Amsterdam

Johnnys Garage

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On Saturday the 11thof January Fivos Delivorias is going to give his first concert in Amsterdam. He is looking forward to meet new friends and give a great performance with the best of his songs.

With his band is going to perform a very special program at the Melkweg. The program will be based on his personal discography and will create a very personal scenery of what he has come across during his career as a songwriter since the beginning of his musical career in 1989.

From the song “Kiki” to the waitress of “Halia”, from the dog “Vangelis” to “Patokos”, from the battalions of “Ivreopobi” to “Gkalis” and “Kounelaki”, famous and common heroes of the Greek everyday life that we usually don’t notice but for those who live abroad mean a lot, all of them are going to be the main characters of the music performance “Best of”.

As we know the best are yet to come!

Credits: Fivos Delivorias: Vocals & Guitar
Nefeli Fasouli: Vocals
Kostis Christodoulou: Keys
Sotiris Douvas: Drums
Yiannis Petrolias: Sound Engineer

Production & Enjoy and Share on Facebook and PROSPERO.

Facebook event: Fivos Delivorias - Best of