Posted on: Feb 18, 2019

Nadia Boule with the musical Tell me on a Sunday in Amsterdam


One girl. Four break-ups. How far will she go to find love?

Nadia Boule (EVITA, Grease, Rocky Horror Show) stars in a one-woman show, composed by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber and written by Don Black. Tell Me on a Sunday is one of the most beloved female-led plays ever, on both Broadway & West End.

It’s about a girl next door who leaves for the United States to find love. Travelling from New York to Los Angeles following vain love affairs, the audience watches in awe her enthusiasms and disappointments through the letters she writes to her mother.

Break-up over break-up, she fights with her lovers and she argues with her friends. However, she remains true and faithful in her dream of finding her one true love.

Composition: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics: Don Black
Direction: Dimitri Malissovas
Starring: Nadia Boule
Pianist: Alexios Priftis

Duration: 70 mins.

Find out more about “Tell me on a Sunday” at: CC Amstel and on Facebook: Tell Me on a Sunday at CC Amstel.

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