Posted on: Jan 24, 2019

Lavrentis Machairitsas and Nikos Portokaloglou with Mirela Pachou and Steve Tesser in Amsterdam

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Laverentis Machairitsas & Nikos Portokaloglou with Mirela Pachou & Steve Tesser in Amsterdam

Two artists with Parallel careers for almost 4 decades are performing together for the first time.

Both Lavrentis Machairitsas and Nikos Portokaloglou started their musical journey in the 80’s and left their mark with their historic ensembles “Termites” and “Fatme”. Both bands ended up having a huge positive influence on future generations.

From the 90’s till now both artists have had successful solo careers. During all this time both of them have never ceased to be anxious and creative. As both have created countless of albums and have also collaborated with various younger and older artists.

This Winter both artists will Finally join forces with the musical performance “What’s left of the fire”.

This performance is both an account and a celebration, a tribute to their varied influences, and also a flashback to the great moments of their journey.

Joining them as a special representation of the younger generation. The singer and songwriter Mirela Pachou, in her most creative stage, will give her own touch in the show with her freshness and of course ... her red accordion.

This musical journey involves the Italian songwriter and outstanding guitarist Steve Tesser.

"What's left of the fire?"

A bold look at our past, present and future

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Lavrentis Machairitsas – Guitar & Zang
Nikos Portokaloglou – Guitar & Zang
Mirela Pachou – Accordeon & Zang
Steve Tesser – Guitar & Zang
Illias Lampropoulos – Violin, Wind instrument, Bouzouki & Zang
Filippos Spiropoulos – Drums & Zang
Akis Amprazis – Bass guitar

Find the event on Facebook: Lavrentis Machairitsas & Nikos Portokaloglou live in Amsterdam!

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