Posted on: Apr 25, 2018

Monthly Amsterdam De Meevaart Spanish Avond

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De Meevaart is hosting the art of Flamenco once a month in its unique and authentic form with different artists every time.

On 2010, UNESCO included Flamenco in the list of the intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Flamenco is a type of music originated on the south part of Spain: Andalucia. In its basic form consists of -Dancing (Baile), -Singing (Cante), -Guitar (Toque), the three important elements of the flamenco culture.

Saturday 12th of MAY:
17.00-18.00: Flamenco dance workshop for beginners. Instructor: Vural Dursun

20.00: Flamenco Performance
Dance: Vural Dursun
Singing: Yota Baron
Guitar: Arthuro Ramon

Vural Dursun is a young Turkish Flamenco dancer who studied in Granada and he lives in Germany.

Tickets: Reservations at [email protected]: 8€, at the door: 10€

Event on Facebook: Monthly Amsterdam De Meevaart Spanish Avond.

Poster by Froso Tourna, organised by Yota Baron flamenco y productions, on Facebook, Information: [email protected]

More dates: June 2 Sat 20:00, July 7 Sat 20:00

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