Posted on: Mar 13, 2018

Keep Shelly In Athens in Amsterdam this March

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Mike Klianis

The Greek down-tempo electronics duo Keep Shelly In Athens, around singer, writer and poet Jessica Bell, surprised friend and foe when she released their great debut EP 'In Love With Dusk' in 2010. The EP, which was full of ambient influenced pop, melodic beats and dreamy vocals, was sold out in no time and received rave reviews. The band then toured the whole world, played at festivals like Coachella and released three successful albums, three EPs with hits like 'Fractals', 'Flyway' and 'Lazy Noon'.

Their latest record 'Philokalia' was released last year via their own label 'Athenian Aura Recordings' and again received great reviews. The album is full of fleeting and swirling sounds that they will undoubtedly play during their show. Allow yourself to be taken on Friday, March 16 by their intoxicating mix of gauzy summer melodies and melancholy in the late night.

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