Posted on: Feb 02, 2018

Alkinoos Ioannidis Acoustic in Amsterdam


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Two years ago Alkinoos Ioannidis left us behind with a rare feeling of satisfaction. That is why this special artists returns to sing for us again. Alkinoos takes to the stage alone, without his usual entourage, but completely open to his audience’s energy by immersing himself in the moment.

The songs will take centre stage, stripped back but allowed to shine. These will also be interactive shows though. There will be a story to tell and experience in unison, eliminating the distance between the artist and the audience so that there can be a momentary expansion of time and space.

Alkinoos takes to the stage alone, without his usual entourage, toying with his songs. He is receptive to the immense opportunities offered by the coexistence with his audience, capturing the spirit of the moment.

In his concerts, staged for both listening and participating, the protagonists, as always, are the songs themselves. They appear in front of the audience, plain as they were originally composed, vulnerable, lyrical and as powerful as never before. His songs narrate a story, a thought, an event, miraculously bridging the gap between the artist and his audience. They make the moment look like it will last forever, soothing the human loneliness and conveying a feeling of temporary immortality.

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