Posted on: Dec 28, 2017

The contemporary piece Europium from RootlessRoot in Amsterdam

Mike Klianis

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January 16th and 17th

The contemporary piece ‘Europium’ is a journey through the origins of Western culture. Dancers explore their identity and physical limits in an improvisational performance. As opposed to a rigid, if not dull, choreographic representation, the spontaneous movements of RootlessRoot is an eloquent expression of the unpredictable reality. They also added a lot of martial arts into their dance performance.

The Greek company RootlessRoot was founded in 2006 resulting from the need for a sanctuary, where they could develop their own theatre language, a language that is primary and raw. The makers came up with a unique technique for this, 'Fighting Monkey Practice', where from the foundations of martial arts they delve deep into the human soul. The dancers explore their physical boundaries in performances with plenty of room for improvisation and spontaneity.

RootlessRoot produces solos, installations and large-scale productions that can be seen all over the world and which we are now, for the first time, bringing one of to the Netherlands as part of our special Made in Athens.

More information at:
Facebook event: Made in Athens: Europium - RootlessRoot

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