Posted on: Jul 03, 2017

Dimitris Mystakidis and Band Rebetika with Gituars in Amsterdam on the 29th January 2017


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Enjoy and share presents: Dimitris Mystakidis & Band: Rebetika with Gituars!

Attention: Concert with seats + dancefloor

On the 29th of January he will perform at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord. It will be a cozy evening with a relaxed atmosphere. With plenty of dance worthy songs! The concert will have seats available so you wont have to stay on your feet the whole evening!

Join us and experience the Allure of this traditional form of Rebetika with the best guitarist in this genre.

Dimitris Mystakidis: Guitar & Vocals
Georgos Tsalampounis: Guitar
Dimitris Pappas: Guitar
Ifigenia Ioannou: Vocals

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Dimitris Mystakidis

Dimitris Mystakidis, folk guitar virtuoso and Rebetiko revitalizer, bridges the past with the present, traditional with the contemporary and the youth with the older generations. For 30 years he, and his guitar are dusting off Rebetiko, the Greek musical gem, giving at a breath of fresh air for its journey through time.

In Dmitri's' concerts, rebetiko enthusiast and fans of Greek contemporary music are forming a new stream of music lovers who share their common fondness and respect for the genre. Having Greek folk music as their common "language", they sing along to Rebetiko favorites. Songs with a great past that have been sung amongst friends since times past.

With his latest album, Espranto, Dimitris Mystakidis tries to show us that Rebetiko can function as a common musical language, without losing any of its identity.

Esperanto has been highly acclaimed, not only by Greek and European journalists, but it was also ranked #2 for 2 months in a row on the World Music charts in Europe and has remained in the top 10 for 4 months.

Mike Klianis