Posted on: Mar 14, 2013

Zafeiris Melas visits Almere - Sunday, March 24, 2013 will Almere survive the party atmosphere


Zafeiris Melas, one of the most famous Greek folk singers, will visit The Netherlands for the first time for an unforgettable night in Almere for one and only performance.

His full band with singers & musicians are joining him from Greece to perform for the people here until early morning hours in true Greek fashion.

Rumors around the internet and streets of Amsterdam say that the atmosphere will be supercharged and comments like these are heard often: "Tha kaei to pelekoudi", "mi sou pw tha ginei panikos", "e re tha ta spasoume sou lew".

The crew of will not be there unfortunately but feel free to send us pictures from the event and have fun for all that go.

For more information you can call 0686158643 or send an email at [email protected]

Visit the event on facebook here and learn all the info you need.

E re ti exei na ginei se lew!

Mike Klianis