Posted on: Jan 30, 2017

Travel in Pelion Greece with Lato this summer

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Ypogeia Revmata

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The summer greets us from as far and the days get longer... We look forward to the days which bathe in the light and the sun, we make plans for our holidays… and wait for the magic moment!

Hold on to your love for Greece and allow yourself the luxury to experience what you haven’t seen up till now! Because Lato does not aim to show you what you have already seen, but the other side of Greece.

A week filled with light, the Mediterranean and Greek food, music and dance… We do not only travel to Greece, we experience Greece like she really is: traditions, gastronomy, customs, music… and of course we speak Greek!

We leave Greece of the islands behind us and we travel where the blue sea mixes with the cloudless sky, the mountain and its myths ... the beautiful Mountain of the Centaurs, gorgeous Mount Pelion. There beats the real heart of the country and her culture. There is our destination.


Because Pelion peninsula is in the Centre of Greece, at an almost equal distance from Athens and Thessaloniki. So it easily combines the beauty of the North to that of the South, of the old and the new. And that’s why everything you will find separate and scattered throughout the rest of Greece you will find them here all together.

Typically Greek and traditional, Pelion offers a wonderful holiday experience with lots of culture, local traditions and gastronomy and above all with many different activities for the lovers of the sea or the mountain.

Why at Pelion with Lato

We stay in traditional guesthouses, we enjoy a home cooked breakfast with homemade marmalade, traditional loukoumades and we enjoy our coffee under thick-foiled vines next to centuries-old plane trees, bubbling water and the smell of the first bread of the day that is already being baked in the traditional wood oven.


We taste delicacies from the local kitchen, not to be found even on the most cosmopolitan islands on the menu and we are introduced in the traditional processes: how to make feta? What makes tsipouro so special? How is it made?


We swim at the beautiful beaches where the Hollywood success "Mamma Mia" was shot, with a view of the gorgeous islands Skiathos and Skopelos.


Even a mini-cruise for the few and selected, with a luxurious meal at the deck, prepared by our own chef who not only takes care to fulfill our most demanding wishes, but also explains everything about the food and the local gastronomy… even that fits in our program!

Greek language lessons

Language is above all communication. That’s why through a creative system of learning and fun we get more confident in communicating with the local people in everyday situations and making friends.

Every day, after our breakfast, we take our places under the dense vines, take inspiration from the gorgeous view and express ourselves in simple Greek.

How do we order our food?
How do we drink our coffee? Sweet, medium sweet, strong with much sugar?
How do we find our way to the bus station?
What time does the bus leave and what time is it now?
What is the price of the ticket?

Even if you belong to those who already have an experience and knowledge of Greek language but they don’ t dare to use it you can join our company and discover that the language is not just a set of rules, but an adventure which is best experienced not alone but with company.


We improve our grammar, enrich our vocabulary and with more or less mistakes, we communicate in Greek! Your travel in Greece and Greek language starts here.

Join Lato and experience Greece, as only the Greeks know it.

Come and discover with us her unknown side and her unknown treasures. Discover her people and make new friends.

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My name is Katerina Zahari and I was born in noisy Athens, in beautiful Greece. I have studied Philology, Laography, History / Archaeology & History of Art at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I did my first professional steps preparing students for their introduction examinations to Greek Universities and tutoring children of immigrants who needed to follow Greek school. That was love on first sight: to discover your language further than the limits you imagined that exist, to transfer your language and your culture to other people and to accept their language and culture as a life' s lesson. All these years I have worked in big institutes and cultural centers teaching expats, executives or diplomats. They learned from me Greek and I learned from them to love multiculturality. Every step in my career was a new challenge which brought me more experience and extra knowledge. Since 2013 I live in Amsterdam, in the green Netherlands. Here you experience multiculturality every day and Dutch people love my country and admire her civilization. That make me happy and ready for the next step which still remains a challenge : ''Lato''. Lato is a culture center which has the ambition to bring Greece closer to her friends in the Nederland.