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Quiet and relaxed vacations in Greece

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When someone asks you the for the most beautiful place for a vacation in Greece, you don’t even know where to start from the hundreds of beaches and islands that are all a perfect summer destination.

Already from June and up until the middle of September, Greece is flooded with thousands of tourists that seek out the clear blue waters, the velvet sand beaches but also just places where they can relax and remove all of their stress, sipping on endless cocktails and eating Greek delicacies under the beautiful sun.

But what about the ones that just want to suck in the beauty in quiet sandy beaches, away from the noise of crowded beaches and racket players? The only certain thing is that this country has so many beautiful hidden “corners” and we chose the best of them for you!



Kefalonia is the largest of the Eptanisa islands. It is the island of contrasts with landscapes and beaches for all the tastes. There are beaches with pebbles, beaches with sand, even beaches with red sand, surrounded by greenery or even under mountainous rocks. You can easily choose between being surrounded by people or just isolate your self and enjoy the blue waters.
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On the South East end of Peloponisos and with just 570 meters from across the sea, Elafonisos has earned quite a lot of faithful visitors that are enchanted by the serene life and the endless sand duned beaches. Besides the famous Simou beach you will also discover a lot more smaller with tirqoiz crystal clear waters.
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The small island that exists bellow Crete is the most Northern part of Greece, but Europe also. From Palaiochora or Sfakia you can board a small ship that will bring you to the Karave port. The island has very few houses, some kafeneia and a few rooms to let. Behind the port you can enjoy low hills with oaks and amazing beaches like Sarakiniko or Ai Giannis with crystal waters and golden sand.
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At the Corinthian Golf there is a cluster of islands: Planemi, Prasoudi, Ai Giannis and Trizonia, that belong to the Sterea Ellada area. The largest of the isles is Trizonia which is populated by 250 people. You can reach it with small ships that have regular rides from the village of Glyfada. Olive trees, grapes, oaks and lentisks that reach all the way to the edge of the sand in combination with the lack of cars create a unique and ideal location for rest and relaxation.



The coastline of Kasos is filled with beaches of all kinds. It is impossible for visitors to not be able to find a beach that suits their needs or their tastes. Some are steep with rocks, ideal for dives, some with pebbles, small all large, organized or untouched.
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Tilos is waiting for you… with 19 beaches, 12 mountains with flowing natural water, 7 medieval castles, a byzantine monasteri, 200 churches, a cave with numerous excavations, a village that is a cultural monument, over 100 species of birds, hundreds of wild flora and about 500 people. Preserving the looks of the past, in Tilos you can catch a glimpse of Greece of the past.
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If it is isolation that you seek, then you can cross to Lipsi, a cluster of small islands with the largest one being populated. This is an area that has been untouched by mass tourism and that is the reason that it offers unique experiences. A similar choice is Agathonisi, a breath away from the Turkish coasts, where you will feel that time has stopped in an age of inocence and meaningful hospitality.
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Koufonisia is a cyclist’s paradise since there are no roads paved and cars are pretty much unnessesary. Rent a bike and ride across the alleys of Upper Koufonisi, lay your towel on one of the beatiful sandy beaches with blue waters, try fresh fish and sea food in idylic little taverns and stay the night in one of the affordable rooms that exist.
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The small island of Cyclades that impresses its visitors with the wild beauty of the mountainous rocks and the charming island look of the traditional settlement on Chora. Naked hills, lash valleys, coves and innumerable coasts are composing the natural grandure of this island, while the picturesque settlements filled with the characteristic island architecture add their own flare to the dreamy landscape.
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Anafi is the belle of Cyclades thanks to her natural beauty. The island with the golden sand and the blue green waters is giving its visitors serene vacations through nature. For all those that need to come in contact with nature and tranquility, Anafi is the right destination. For those that love hiking, they have the chance to tour the island and enjoy walks through some amazing scenery. It is also the right place for climbers as well.
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The "special one" from the Sporades islands, full of green, charming, original, ideal for relaxation, Alonissos is offering vacations of relaxation and a thousand views of beauty. If you are seeking quiet vacations on an island that lets nature weave its story, then here, you will discover your favorite vacation spot!
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"Untamed" beauty and energy. Villages that live in their own rythms, parties with no counter match, unexpected swaps between green spaces and bare rocks, rivers that slowly reach the beaches, wild vegetation, dreamy beaches and the secret of longevity.
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A symbol of the "sweetest" home away, the full of greenery Ithaki with her beautiful natural coves, her hospitable people and the traditional settlements, is a place for people who like contemplation, peace, who are thrilled by discoveries and above all seek their own Ithaki.
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Exotic beaches, centenarian olive groves, thick vineyards and vegetation that reaches up to the water. It has to offer hospitality of high standards and unique pleasures.
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Lefkada is the only island of the Ionian Pelagos that is connected with the rest of Greece via a floating bridge of constant and free passing. Lefkada is the island of legends of Greek mythology, the island of poets and traditions, it is a unique travel destination. Here you can find anything you seek, unparalleled beauty, natural landscapes, the well known and awarded beaches and ofcourse the hospitality its people.
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Chalkidiki, 3rd leg, Athos

The third “leg” or peninsula of Halkidiki is not as famous and cosmopolitan in comparison with the first and the second, mainly due to the fact that the largest part of it is owned by the Greek orthodox church and you cannot enter without a permission. The natural landscapes and the unending beaches of the peninsula of Athos, with the crystal clear water and the sand in the shape of rice, offer a dreamy destination to the ones that want to spend peaceful vacations, swimming in crystal clear water since the 14 beaches of the Municipailty of Aristotelis where awarded with the blue flag for the 3 year in a row. Places where you can relax are Ierissos, Stratoni, Nea Roda and Ouranoupoli, all by the sea and almost a breath away from the Holy Mountain.
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Pilio, Portaria

Portaria, which is located on Mount Pelion, is one of the most beautiful and traditional villages of Central Greece. The magnificent landscape of, the cool springs, the mansions and quaint cobbled streets, make Portaria one of the few areas, the heart of Greece, where visitors can find peace and tranquility. Pelion is famous for its beautiful beaches and clear blue seas, ideal for the hot summer months.
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South Crete

The vastness of Livikou, some of the most impressive beaches in Greece, historical monasteries, beautiful cannions, picturesque fishing villages, tens of snake whirling paths, lakes and unique settlements like the proud Sfakia. A heaven for the lovers of “on the road” and the ones seeking the ultimate relaxation along with being in nature, with many amazing locations.
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