Posted on: Mar 06, 2013

Escaping The Netherlands for a weekend in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK.

Mike Klianis
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Escape to Belgium

Brussels is only two hours away from Amsterdam. Despite the fact that during the whole year it is rainy in Brussels, summer is the ideal period to visit it. Brussels is known for their great food and drinks and its lovely locations that you can relax and have fun for a couple of days.

Antwerp on the other hand is considered as a city of art. There are many tourist attractions, like Peter Paul Ruben's house, gardens and numerous art museums you can visit. Antwerp is also famous for its diamond industry.

Hop to Germany for great food and beer

Cologne a place famous for its museums and Romanesque churches. It is considered a center for arts and architecture. The ideal period to visit Cologne is fall, when the hotel prices are at usually lower.

Dusseldorf is characterized by its old town and an impressive arts scene but it also a great place for the foodies, as there are plenty of restaurants everywhere. From traditional German cuisine to Chinese delicacies.

Live a weekend in France

Paris, the city of light, is less than three hours far from Amsterdam by train. Of course everybody would love to spend a weekend or more in Paris, but of you only have a weekend to spend, there are two-day guides that can introduce you to Paris and its most famous attractions.

London weekend breaks

The UK's capital city is an ideal location for a city break; indeed, it is undoubtedly one of the world's best cities, featuring an incredible range of museums, galleries, historic buildings, shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Most attractions in London are open all year round, making it ideal for short breaks and holidays at any time. The summer months are the most popular with overseas tourists

photos by: Yortw, Peter.Lorre, Jim Bahn, alainlm

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