Posted on: Aug 29, 2013

What you learned from your Greek mother


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Your Greek mother has already probably taught you a lot of things that you are starting to appreciate now or if the right time has already come then you already appreciate them. Nonetheless, the Greek mother tends to be a bit over the top, not because she wants to but because thats the only way she knows how to be.

Here is a list of a few things that she might have taught you the easy or the hard way


Appreciating someone else’s work
“If you and your brother are going to fight, do it outside. I just finished mopping!”


Learning the concept of prayer
“You better pray that stain comes out of the rug!”


How to be organized at all times and ready for any trip
“If next Wednesday when I visit your school, you don’t have good grades, you better be away from the house when I get back!”


Thinking rationally and with valid arguments
“There is no WHY. Because I said so.”


Thinking about consequences with a square reasoning
“If you fall down and bloody your knees I’ll spank you for ruining your pants!”


Being farsighted and prepared
“Change underwear. If you are hurt and you get to the hospital what will the doctors think?”


Accepting irony
“Stop crying for no reason or I’ll give you one!”

Learning to exercise and reaching hard spots
“Is that what you call washing up! Can't you see that your neck is still dirty and black?”


Learning to handle hardships
“You ain’t getting off this table till you are done with your vegetables!”


Learning about weather phenomena
“Your room looks like a typhoon passed through!”


The continuation of the circle of life
“Keep whining and I’ll show you. I brought you to this world, I’ll take you out of it!”


Learning by watching the example of others
“Where did you learn those things? Why don’t you look up to you brother? Is he doing these kind of things?”


Not being ungrateful
“At your age I didn’t even have shoes to wear. Thousand of children today are in the same position. Don’t be ungrateful!”


Having imagination and insight
“Wait till we get home and I’ll show you!”


Being patient
“Wait till we get home and you can open it!”


Learning to notice symptoms of any disease or ailment
“Stop crossing your eyes cause in the end you'll be cross eyed!”


Teaching you to dress better
“Put your sweater on. Its cold but you just don’t feel it yet!”


Learning how to operate devices
“Shut the boiler before the house blows up!”

Learning about genetics
“You have all of your fathers bad habits!”


The concept of justice
“You'll have kids one day. I hope they do to you the same things you do to me!”


And of course, being steady on her opinions
“Oh come on, have a child. I am going to be here and I’ll help raise it!”
“Who ever has a child should be at home raising it. Enough! I raised my children already!”

Photos by: Nina Matthews Photography, danamadeit.com, lovecatz, Nanagyei, normalityrelief, porcupiny, Neils Photography.

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