Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

Waterlooplein, Amsterdam’s largest daily flea market.


The name for the Waterlooplein was officially adopted at 16th of December 1883. It isn't old for Amsterdam standards but yet its in the middle of a neighborhood whose history dates back to the Middle Ages.

Waterlooplein was flourished as a market where almost everything was for sale. Since October 1, 1988, the market consists of 300 seats and is open six days per week.

The Waterlooplein market is still a springboard for new merchants. The merchants many from different countries (at Waterlooplein there merchants from up to 20 different countries) selling their wares dailly. Waterlooplein is bursting with life especially in the summer months when the tourists flow even more through the city.

Don't forget to visit the Greek spot "De Bladerdeeg Specialist", eat some bougatsa or drink coffee (frappe also) and meet Greek tourists or Greeks expats that live and work in Amsterdam and get useful info/tips or just enjoy the market and have fun!

Source: waterloopleinmarkt.nl

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Mike Klianis
Mike Klianis

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