Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

If you are Greek you know why and few more adverts that explain a lot

Mike Klianis

Crazy videos of greek advertising spots over the years

These TV spots are advertising different products, however they capture Greek reality with a great dose of humor.

"If you are Greek, you know why" - Pitsos

Greek mothers were almost OCD with feeding their studying abroad offspring that they would actually find ways to ship food all the way to places like China! Yes we know people that get food from their Greek parents in bloody China!

"London Commercial" - Aegean Airlines

"Savvas - Kafe" - NOVA

"Put the kot down" - NOVA

"Is the Ferrari good?" - Autokinisi

"Ti den katalabaineis" - Aegean

"Crete" - Incredible Hospitality"

"Aegean" - Zeibekiko

Mike Klianis
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