Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

Extreme sports in the Netherlands. Indoor skydiving, parachute jumping and more craziness!

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The Netherlands is a great country for people that love extreme sports despite its geographic handicaps. If you have the time and of course the nerve, there are numerous exciting experiences for you to live.

Dutch Water Dreams

The Netherlands is not a country where the weather permits you to do water sports, however in Zoetermeer you can visit the Dutch Water Dreams. There you can enjoy several water sports, such as rafting, bodyboarding, hydrospeeding and flow boarding in a safe environment. Adress: Van der Hagenstraat 3, Zoetermeer.

Indoor skydiving

The Benelux's indoor skydive center in Roosendaal (De Stok 24) allow you to feel the experience of a free fall, without having to fall from a plane. Also, the indoor skydiving is perfect for people with mental or physical disabilities.

Parachute jumping

If you love parachuting or you want to take courses on it, the only thing you have to do is to just visit Wadden islands and particularly the parachutecentrum in Texel (Postweg 128, De cocksdrop).


Blokarting is like windsurfing in a special beach sailing kart: you sail across the sand in a little cart, reaching really high speeds. In the Netherlands, blokarting is not allowed to every beach, but IJmuiden aan zee has acquired a special permit. So, if you feel like it and you would love to try this different experience visit Pavlijoen Zeezicht, Kennemerstrand 180, IJmuiden aan zee.

Rappeling down the Euromast

If you love heights you can rappel down a tower from 100 metros - you go straight down, with no wall providing support to you and also, you have the chance to enjoy the spectacular view of Rotterdam. Moreover, you can try the zip lining, meanong that you can zip line down at a speed of almost 100 km/h from the same height (100 m). You can live that experience only from May to October at Parkhaven 20, Rotterdam.

Source: holland.com


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