Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

CC Muziekcafé, a melting pot of different music styles at the Pijp Amsterdam


CC Muziekcafé has a scent of Amsterdam. If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you will find it inside the pages of the Lonely Planet tourist guide naming it “A low-key yet buzzing little nightclub that dishes up interesting live acts - from reggae to soul to rock - along with zero attitude“.

If you already live in the Netherlands, you and your friends might have just found a great spot to listen to good music. René Barens, owner of CC, whom you will find most of the times behind the bar, always fills the stage with musicians who sing from their heart and love what they do.

Within the walls of this cozy café you will find a melting pot of different styles. The interaction among musicians from all over the world leads to beautiful new sounds, and the shared passion brings a smile to everyone's face. Everybody is welcome in CC and this is the vibe that you get from this café.

During the week, you can find Live karaoke, Pop music quiz, Open mic night with free entrance, Jazz nights with talented musicians and jammin nights where you can come with your friends and jam! Every Friday and Saturday the stage is taken over by 2 different bands with various music genres like Rock, Pop, Reggae, Indie, Jazz, Blues, Soul and World sounds by artists from all over the world.

As for us Greeks, every second Sunday of the month you can find Alexandro Kyrko with his guitar, Koukla Mou & Meraklides with bouzouki and many more Greek artists or guest bands like KALEB and their beautiful balkan sound.

CC Muziekcafé is definitely a place where you should visit for the music but it also hosts birthdays, wedding parties or special celebrations from the morning until the evening and you can enjoy hospitality and music, with friendly smiles and no attitude!


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