Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

10 things you really should not do in Amsterdam. Ever. We know


1. Don't buy drugs from strangers

If you don't understand the why than maybe you shouldn't do drugs?

2. Don't pee in random locations. Find a urinal. There are plenty to choose from.

Most people that fall into the Amsterdam canals, fall usually while trying to take a piss near a canal while being intoxicated. Next time remember, a urinal might save your life. We mean it!

3. Do not get too stoned. Know your limits or ask for advice at the place of sale if you are unfamiliar.

Getting high as a kite in the streets of Amsterdam could be an adventure ending with you again in a canal or sleeping outside your hotel room because you lost the key. Either way, control your shit.

4. Don't get too drunk. You have to go home eventually and Amsterdam is a big City.

Alcohol can get you into even bigger trouble than weed in excessive amounts. Enjoy responsibly!

5. Don't walk on the bike paths. Somebody is gonna hurt you and you are gonna have to pay him.

Cyclists in Amsterdam are speed demons that stop for no one. You don't believe me? Just stand in the center of Dam square or Spui in Amsterdam on a busy day and see home many accidents or near misses there will be. Step into the bike lanes at your own risk.

6. Don't let your parking meter expire; it's a costly mistake. In fact, don't use a car.

Fines, fines and more fines await you. Parking in Amsterdam is already too expensive. Prefer the bike or public transportation.

7. Don’t take pictures of working girls in the redlight district.

That is a big no-no with a hefty fine to pay. Plus if the police isn't around you may also end up having trouble with a few less gentle folks.

8. Don’t cycle at night without lights on your bike.

The police are really cracking down on light-less bikes and if caught with one you will be given a fine of 38€ and the chance to buy a light for an additional Euro 9€.

9. Don’t buy stolen bicycles

Really, do we need to explain this one too?

10. Beware of the trams.

Each year, a number of tourists die or are badly injured in collisions with trams. Keep in mind that when you cross the street behind a tram, another tram — traveling in the opposite direction from the first tram — may be racing toward you. In addition, taxis, buses, emergency vehicles and some bozos also use the tram lanes.

Stay safe and don't try anything we wouldn't.

Photos by:Fabio Penna, FaceMePL, Guillaume Richer, Michele Benericetti, Valdiney Pimenta

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