Posted on: Sep 28, 2016

Delicious salad Mala Creta

Mike Klianis

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Ingredients for 2 portions/salads

- 2 Barley Rusks Kriton Artos
- 100-150ml Tomato Sauce MalaPeruviana
- 200g Tsantilaki (Goat cheese) Klepkos
- 40ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Unripe Olives Cretanthos
- Oregano, Savory & Thyme
- Sea Salt Nostimo
(Extra: Kalamata olives Sativa)



Open the barley rusk in two & place the two halves with the inside part facing upwards.


Spread the tomato juice on the two surfaces with a spoon.


Let rusks absorb the juice & then grate or crumble the cheese on top.


Add a generous amount of olive oil & the herbs.

For an even more pleasurable taste add chopped Kalamon olives!

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