Posted on: Jul 23, 2016

Lazy feta pie, a quick and delicious traditional pie with yogurt & honey

Mike Klianis
Johnnys Garage

Lazy pie, is a very quick and easy pie that everyone adores without pastry! If you are bored or in a hurry to cook this, this pie is a perfect solution.

What we will need

250 gr. milk
3 eggs
Half yogurt
100 gr. butter
1 ts of honey
1.5 cup self-rising flour
various cheeses (feta, gruyere cheese or whatever else has our refrigerator)
grounded pepper

How we make it

We crumble the feta cheese with a fork and mix it in a big bowl, with the other cheeses.


After that, we put the eggs, the flour, the yogurt, the butter and the milk in the bowl with the cheeses and we mix them with a spoon.


At the end we add the honey, the thyme and the pepper.


We put the mix into a oven pan, and as a final touch we sprinkle with sesame.


We bake at 180oC for about half an hour until the pie is getting up and down a golden color.


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