Posted on: Apr 28, 2013

7 easy to make and delicious recipes with under a 10 euro budget

Mike Klianis

Good food was something that was never missing from any Greek table. There is no reason now that you moved to the Netherlands to spend your money on takeout or just cook the "easy" dishes. Stop dreaming of delicious dishes that you ate back in Greece and take charge of your kitchen again.

We searched, found and tested for you, 7 easy recipes that with some smart purchases you can get 2 meals of food with a budget under 10 euros and ingredients that can be found usually in your local supermarket. Along with the recipes we have some extra tips for extra flavor and extra savings.

Under each recipe you'll find the ingredients you will need and an approximate cost we estimated from prices in local supermarkets.

1. Greek Sandwich with Feta Vinaigrette


You will need: crumbled feta cheese, (2 euros per 200gr), fresh lemon juice (1.69 euros per 5 pieces), olive oil, sugar, oregano, salt, garlic (0,99 euros per 3 pieces), black pepper, tomato (1,29 euros /0,5kg), bread (0,89 euros / 400gr), cucumber (0,69 euros / per pieces), arugula or leafy vegetables (1,20 per bag), red onion (0,49 euros = 0,5kg), kalamata olives (1,99 euros per 240gr)

Easy and delicious sandwich, with feta, olives and a very tasteful sause. You can check the whole recipe in

2. Pasta with meat sauce aka Makaronia me Kima


We will need: ground beef (2,59 euros per 300gr), onion (0,69 euros per 500gr), olive oil, garlic (0,99 euros per 3 pieces), red wine (2,5 euros per 0,75lt), fresh parsley, cinnamon, salt, black pepper, tomato sauce (0,67 euros per 350gr), sugar, butter (1,19 euros per 250gr), pasta (0,99 per 500gr), grated cheese (1,29 per 200gr).

Pasta with meat sauce is one of the favorite dishes of all Greeks. So, stop dreaming of your mama's spaghetti & get to work at your kitchen! Really... its so easy. You can check the whole recipe in

3. Greek-Style Vegetable Risotto aka Spanakorizo


What we will need: olive oil, onions (0,69 euros per 500gr), fresh dill, basmati rice (1,69 per 1kg) or risotto rice (1,21 euros per 415gr), chicken broth (0,94 euros per 100gr), spinach (3,39 per 600gr), salt, pepper, lemon (1.69 euros per 5 pieces)

When you are very young, you don't really like spanakorizo and this is probably because of the color and the food presentation! Give it a change now and it will fill your needs for mama's food! You can check the whole recipe in

4. Easy & delicious Nutella Bread Pudding


What we will need: 3 croissants (1,39 euros per 4 pieces), Nutella (2,46 euros per 400gr), pecan halves (1,99 per 70gr), eggs (1,12 euros per 6 pieces), heavy cream (0,81 euros per 170g), vanilla extract (1,25 euro (1,5gr) salt, powdered sugar (0,85 per 250gr).

Breakfast or dessert? We’re not sure, but either way it’s delicious. If you do not have croissants, you can use French bread or a baguette, it will work well. You can check the whole recipe in

5. Potatoes Riganates (with oregano)


What we will need: potatoes (1,69 euros per 3kg), olive oil , garlic (0,99 euros per 3 pieces), oregano, salt, black pepper, chicken stock (0,94 euros per 100gr), lemon (1.69 euros per 5 pieces), oregano.

Few people can resist these potatoes, which are capable of stealing the show from any food they accompany, even from the lamb, so make sure you have plenty for seconds. You can check the whole recipe in:

6. Dutch Uitsmijter: Fried Ham and Eggs With Mustard Cheese


What we will need: butter (1,19 euros per 250gr), eggs (1,12 euros per 6 pieces), dutch mustard cheese (1,39 euros per 150gr), black pepper, wheat bread (1,29 per 800gr), ham (0,72 euros per 150gr), pickles (1,19 euros per 680gr), tomato (1,29 euros /0,5kg), parsley.

Dutch breakfast, brunch or lunch or dinner. It is so easy and quick that you can cook it any time of the day in no-time! If you don't have mustard cheese on hand, no problem, just add a bit of whole grain mustard to the mix while cooking! You can check the whole recipe in:

7. Perfect scrambled eggs


What we will need: butter (1,19 euros per 250gr), eggs (1,12 euros per 6 pieces), salt, pepper, chopped fresh herbs.

Most people don't know how to make this easy and very tasteful dish. These are slow-cooked eggs, in the smallest pan you have, over very low heat. The result is creamy, custardy eggs that slip off your spoon into your mouth. This is a chance to try something else than the traditional eggs! Don't forget to have bread and feta, to complete the dish! You can check the whole recipe in:

Mike Klianis
Mike Klianis

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