Posted on: Apr 18, 2013

Rice Meatballs In Egg-Lemon Sauce aka Giouvarlakia with avgolemono


What will you need

1 cup minced onion or a big onion grated
half a kilo minced beef
¼ cup rice (you can take the one that is for risotto)
Parsley (if you are lucky to find some)
Salt & fresh pepper
1 cube of knorr chicken flavor
1 lemon
flour, oil or butter

How we do it

Put the grated onion in a boll together with the minced meat, pepper, salt, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 2 spoons of rice and mix them all together

When the mix is ready, you make small balls and let them roll into flour

We put in a pot water, the cube of chicken flavor, 2 spoons of oil and we let it boil

We put inside the meatballs and leave the mix to be cooked as long as the soup seams creamy enough (almost 20 - 30 minutes in medium temperature)

in another boll we put the 2 eggs, the juice of the lemon and we mix it.

As soon as it is ready we start putting soup into this mix slowly. We do that because we do not want to put straight ahead the eggs into the hot mix. It might be cooked immediately and look like an omelet.

As soon as we realize that the mix with the eggs and the soup is in a normal temperature, we start pour it into the pot.

And it is ready, delicious and it smells like home! I thank my grandmother for the experience & the recipe.

Mike Klianis

Designer, marketer & a social media karate kid (No 4). When she grows up, she wants to feed the world with Greek food & Frappe. Admires the yellow angry bird because it strikes its targets with power and precision.