Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Frappe, bougatsa and an unofficial meeting point for Greek expats in the heart of Amsterdam.

Mike Klianis

Some of the expats I've met so far where lucky enough to find a variety of Greek goods and delicacies as soon as they landed, but that was not the case for me.

For the first four months after I landed the only real experience I had with Greek food was in Amsterdam's Greek restaurants and a few items that i could find on local markets. That is until a day I heard a rumor that there was this guy from Thessaloniki selling bougatsa's in Waterlooplein.

The taste of frappe was missing from my lips and the promise of bougatsa was too big to pass on, so I grabbed my significant other and rushed on a hunt for the rumored bougatsa kiosk. 6 months of getting adjusted to The Netherlands will make you go crazy for anything that you haven't seen or eaten from back home.

As soon as we got off the Metro at Waterlooplein and turned left towards the square the smell from baked pastry hit us like a punch on the face. Both of us were suddenly excited and as we were approaching we could hear Greek voices around making a lot of noise. Almost just like back home.

It turns out that De Bladerdeeg Specialist is a small kiosk that has been around since 2009. With a few tables and chairs in the middle of Waterlooplein, an owner Vasilis that tries to keep the atmosphere as great as possible despite Amsterdam's crazy weather and with a great selection of Greek pastry De Bladerdeeg Specialist has become an unofficial meeting point for Greek expats.

Laughter, swearing, noise and a sense of belonging even thought we had just got there. That was the experience we got and the experience people get that go there. Vasilis is a great host and the whole thing reminds us nostalgically the era of the "Kafeneia" but in a modern version with great reggae and dub music playing in the background.

It's open everyday except on Monday's or on very cold days and it is great place to make some new friends if you are a newcomer or just simply enjoy some of the lovely pastry that will take your taste buds straight back to Greece.

You can find out how to get there and more information about working hours and days at De Bladerdeeg Specialist facebook page.

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