Posted on: Oct 01, 2013

Finos Film on YouTube


Finos Film is one of the biggest film production companies, that dominated the Greek film industry from 1943 to 1977. It was founded by Philopemen Finos in 1942 during World War II. It was the biggest film production company in Greece at the time and one of the biggest, in terms of productivity, in south east Europe.

H Finos Film was given its own channel on Youtube and enables users to watch movies that have marked the "golden era" of Greek cinema.

You can find many of the films of the legendary company Finos Film, a magic journey of 35 years, that sealed the "golden era" of Greek cinema. Favorite actors and actresses, unforgettable quotes, all our youth in a YouTube channel. Finos Film, will put more material and make the channel richer. Subscribe to the official channel to be notified of any new movie or tribute that will be available. Is already planned to add English subtitles while trying to restore the material from some rare movies.

You can check the YouTube channel here


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